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The Office Mac Help Site is provided as a resource to help Microsoft Office: Mac users. Questions and answers come from the Office for Mac forums and Microsoft MVPs.

Trial for Office for Mac 2011 is no longer available for download. Microsoft has released Office365 that does have a trial.

OS X Compatibility

Office 2011 is compatible with Mavericks. Some users have had minor issues while others have had mild to significant issues with Mavericks. Always clone your drive and make sure Time Machine is fully updated before making a major changed to your drive.

Office 2008 runs under Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. There are a few minor quirks under Mavericks. Entourage opens with a new compose window.

Office for Mac 2004 is a PowerPC app and will not run under Lion or newer. Runs under Snow Leopard.

If you have upgraded and can no longer access your email, you can contact me for recovery and upgrade to either Entourage 2008, Outlook 2011 or Apple Mail.

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Exchange Users: Entourage 2008 supports Exchange 2003. Outlook 2011 requires Exchange 2007 or higher.

  • Office for Mac 2008 Home & Student (3 installs - you can install on e desktops and 3 laptops but you cannot use on both laptop and computer at the same time)
  • Office for Mac 2008 Home & Business (1 install - You can install on one desktop and one laptop but you cannot use both at same time.)
  • Office for Mac 2008 Home & Business Upgrade (1 install - You can install on one desktop and one laptop but you cannot use both at same time. Eligible for any licensed user of Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition suite or application, or any Office for Mac 2001-2004 suite or application. Not for current Office 2008)

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