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AT&T Worldnet Account

Entourage 2004 has changed the way it negotiates a secure connection in order to comply with internet protocol RFC 3207. This provides a better connection as well as complying with the RFC. It seems that ATT uses a method not compatible with this protocol (with respect to the order in which certain items are negotiated).


  1. Download SSL Enabler
  2. Install and launch SSL Enabler. Click on the Add button and enter the following info:
  3. Click the Save button and quit SSL enabler.

Create a New Account in Entourage 2004: In the menu bar under Tools select Accounts.

New! see screenshots as examples of the new AT&T desired settings for security enhancements

  1. Enter your email address and Entourage will automatically enter settings for your account.
  2. Modify these settings
  3. Enter entire email address, enter password (Save Password in Mac OS X Keychain unless you want to enter each time you connect)
  4. POP Mail Server field, enter ipostoffice.worldnet.att.net
  5. Sending Mail Server field, enter
  6. Set advanced receiving options:
  7. Set advanced sending options
  8. Close Account. You're ready to send and receive mail.