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Unofficial Daylight Saving Time Workaround for Entourage X

Office 2004 was updated for the DST changes (11.3.3) however, Office X will not be updated by Microsoft. Officially, Office X has reached the end of it's life-cycle. Support for Entourage X ended January 9, 2007.

This workaround is provided by a group of anonymous contributors in the Entourage Mac community. It is provided "as is" with no warranties or support.

The Unofficial Workaround:

  1. Quit Entourage X
  2. Make a backup copy of your Identity. How to find your Identity.
  3. Make a backup copy of the existing timezones.ics file. Located in Office X folder/Office/Timezones.
  4. Replace it with the new updated timezones.ics file. Download
  5. Launch Entourage X
  6. After installing this file, events in this time period (March 11 – April 1) will still appear incorrect (unless you have previously manually offset the time so as to make them appear correct). You can force Entourage to re-calculate the correct time zone information by opening the event, making some small change (add a character to the title, then delete it again) and closing the event window so as to force Entourage to re-save the event. This script application Update DST Display v1.0 will do this for you automatically.

Barry Wainwright has generously provided the script, Update DST Display v1.0. Read his comments about the workaround here.

Do not contact Microsoft for help with this workaround. Discussion about using the workaround should be addressed on the microsoft.public.mac.office.entourage newsgroup.

You might be asking if it's this easy why didn't Microsoft release it? It's not really a fix. Existing events aren't shifted automatically, past years take on new DST rules which aren't correct, and it's vulnerable to subsequent DST changes. This is a workaround not a fix.

Since past events between March 11 - April 1 will be affected, make a mental note to adjust those for the hour change when viewing past events.

MVP, Barry Wainwright explains the problems behind the DST update in his blog entry: More DST Changes

Comparatively, Entourage 2004 is closer to being "future proof" because it now relies on the Mac OS X time zone database instead of exclusively using the static timezones.ics file.

Remember this problem could not be foreseen when Office X or 2004 was released.

How to remove workaround:

  1. Quit Entourage X
  2. Replace the timezones.ics in Office X/Office with the original copy that you backed up.
  3. Run the script, Update DST Display v1.0 to adjust the existing events back to their original times or switch to the Identity you backed up when originally updating Entourage X DST.