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Database Utility

To launch the Database Utility hold down the Option key when launching Entourage or Outlook.

Rebuilding a database does not fix all problems. Often it's the first step in the recovery process. Once you rebuild, I suggest that you export all data as .rge or .olm file and import into a new Identity for best results. Some preferences are stored in the database and are not fixed with a rebuild.

Entourage: Set your database preferences. Starting with the Entourage 2004 Database utility, you can verify your database as well as compact and rebuild. This does not mean you should not backup. Backing up ALL data is primary.

The Outlook Database Utility is use to create and remove identities. You must use the Database Utility to Switch Identities. This option is no longer a menu item. There is no verify. I suggest that you select File > Export as .olm file (this is the default setting). If you get "Done" your database is good. If you get "one or more items failed to export" this indicates your database has problems.

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