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AutoArchive Exchange Account to "On My Computer"

Move all e-mail older than 60 days from your Exchange account folders to archive folders within the "On My Computer" folder tree. (script can be modified for time period)

Download script

Currently this script is broken in Leopard.

You can download the beta version of the autoarchive script for Leopard. You will need to do some minor edits in the script to specify the version of Entourage you are using. To report problems, leave a comment on the Entourage Help Blog.

Third Party Alternative: Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimize This utility automatically moves old mail from your Exchange account to a replicated structure within Entourage. You select how many days of mail to keep in Exchange and EEAO does the rest. It can handle multiple accounts and be set to run automatically. Works in both Tiger & Leopard for Entourage 2004 and 2008.


Save AutoArchive AppleScript to your Microsoft User Data folder: Entourage Script Menu Items.

  1. Menu path: Tools/Schedules
  2. New button
  3. Name "AutoArchive"

When "Timed Occurrence" -- I set mine to every night at 3 AM

Action "Run AppleScript" -- set the saved script as the action script

That's it!

As long as Entourage is running each night, this script will kick-off an archive your messages to a local folder. If you don't leave Entourage running, you could choose to just run the script whenever necessary.

You may modify two variables within the script:

  1. ArchiveFolderName : the name of the folder archive trees spaw within.
  2. Defaults to Archives.

This image gives you an idea of how an archive folder tree is created.

ArchiveAgeCriteria : the age, in days, to determine a message should be archived. Defaults to 60 days.

In order to search using Spotlight, be sure Spotlight is enabled.

Script provided by Andy Ruff

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