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FAQs for Exchange 2004

GAL/LDAP issues


  1. Public calendars
  2. Stop public folders from syncing
  3. Post notes directly to public folders
  4. Sub folders in the Public Folder



  1. Send yields either 'Unknown Error -17199' or 'HTTP Error. Access to the resource is forbidden. Error -18597.'
  2. Authentication Error


  1. Using htps://
  2. Configure Exchange Server 2000 and/or Entourage v10 to sync when using an OWA virtual directory name

Links to help with Exchange 2004:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) In Microsoft Exchange Public Folders, a "freedoc" is a free-standing document file that isn't part of a message or note. For example, I can put the file "MyFile.doc" in a Public Folder by dragging it from the Finder into the folder in Outlook 2001 for Mac; Outlook for PC has the same feature.

In Entourage X, in the list shown for a Public Folder, freedocs in a Public Folder look just like messages with an attachment, except that they don't have a sender and the subject is set to <no subject>.

In Entourage 2004, I can't see the freedocs at all.

Since Entourage 2004 doesn't properly handle non-message items in public folders, it specifically filters out all such items from these folders, including calendar events, contacts, and apparently "freedocs". If you want to see them as they are in Entourage X, set up an IMAP account to access your Exchange server. IMAP accounts do no such filtering.

2) Anyone knows how can I add additional mailboxes? It was quick and simple doing that in Outlook 2001: Outlook Preferences -> Mail -> Services -> Microsoft Exchange Server -> Properties -> Advanced -> Open these additional mailboxes

This can't be done in Entourage X. In Entourage 2004 and you are given delegate permissions to another account (aka "mailbox), then you can do this.

3) GAL/LDAP issues...I've verified with our IT folks that LDAP is on, and requires a login, however, when I attempt connect through Tools/Directory Services, I get an error: -3253 (whatever that indicates). I'm never given a opportunity to login. Does Entourage automatically assume that the login is the same as the email address? Our internal network is setup as xxxx.crp, not xxxx.com and my login for the LDAP server is (I'm told) username@xxxx.crp. Is that the issue, or am I missing something? If it is the issue, is there a fix/workaround?

Go to Tools:Accounts:Directory Services and create a new LDAP account using you company's server and your .crp credentials. See if that works. You don't need to use the built in LDAP field in the Exchange account. It's merely a convenience (for those without weird setups like yours, of course :-)

4) Are public calendars supported?

Public Calendars are supported in Entourage 2004 as of SP2. Simply select the "Public Folders" icon underneath your Exchange account, and then subscribe to the appropriate Public Calendar. For more info on what features are included visit, Major Known differences from Mac Outlook (here)

5) When is free/busy published to the server? Is it done when the Progress dialog says, "Now updating Calendar"?

There is a process on the server that does it. Entourage just adds the event to the server, and the server takes care of publishing free/busy. This is exactly the same way OWA works. The article mentioned here talks about the timing options:


6) Does Entourage 2004 offer live LDAP lookups when addressing messages as do Apple's Mail.app, Mozilla, Thunderbird (and possibly other mailers)? Those last 3 software packages let you specify an LDAP server and then, when you compose a new messages and are typing the To: address, will auto-complete the address being typed based on LDAP lookup results. Very handy for a central company directory.

With Entourage 2004 SP2, yes, you can. Go to Entourage > Preferences. Under "Mail & News Preferences", click "Compose". Under "General", check the option to "Search directory services when addressing messages", and click OK.

7) How do I clear out my account on the Exchange server (I'm reaching my company limit) and download all messages to my desktop? I'm using Entourage 2004 and Exchange 2000

  • Option 1: If your admin has enabled POP on the Exchange server, set up your Exchange account as a POP one. That will pull the messages off the server into Entourage.
  • Option 2: To archive your old Exchange account messages, you could create a rule (Exchange) that moves e-mail messages:
  1. Create a new Exchange Rule (Tools > Rules) titled "Archive"
  2. Set the criteria to "Date Received is greater than XX days old" where XX is some number of days you wish to archive beyond
  3. Set the action to Move the message to another Entourage folder that is under Folders on My Computer (You may want to create a whole series of Archive target folders)
  4. I'd recommend not enabling the rule to run each time a message comes in
  5. Go to each Exchange folder, select all messages 6. Menu: Messages > Apply Rules > Archive

This will go through all the selected messages and move the older messages for you. Of course, you have to do this with each folder on your Exchange account and ideally you'd have separate rules for each folder.

If you want to move everything and empty your Exchange account, you can create the same rule using "All messages" as the criteria.

8) We have a public "purchasing" folder that employees post notes in when we're getting low on different items. In Entourage X I can't seem to post notes of my own there (can't write, drag-n-drop, or transfer to or from public folders at all, actually -- all public folders are read-only for me when using entourage v.X)

I have heard that 2004 supports transferring messages to and from public folders, but does it support posting notes directly to public folders?

Yes, it does as of SP2. Open the Public Folder, and then click the "New (Post)" button on the toolbar.

9) I can't get Entourage to respect my settings for synchronizing my mailbox. Via Outlook at work I set a category ('Archived Mail') on all folders that I want to exclude from synchronization. In the Exchange account preferences on the Advanced tab I specify "synch all except those in the category...'Archive Mail'

It doesn't make any difference, Entourage still insists on downloading all items contained within those folders. Any suggestions?

The wording in the Exchange account settings isn't clear. First, Entourage does not sync (or even look at) categories defined on the Exchange account; the categories it is referring to are the ones in Entourage. Second, the restricted category sync only works for contacts and calendar items. There is no way to prevent Entourage from syncing all mail (though you can restrict it to partially download each message if you prefer).

10) How do you switch from IMAP/SMTP to DAV?

Upgrade to Entourage 2004. Exchange accounts in 2004 use DAV.

11) How did you setup VPN in OS X?

Launch Internet Connect, File:New VPN Connection

12) When connecting to a exchange server does the a users password still get disabled in the Active Directory if it's mistyped once?

It used to be the case that repeated attempts with an incorrect password would cause a lockout. Entourage 2004 now stops attempting to login after a few failed attempts. Reconnection will only be attempted AFTER the user has changed something in the account settings. This should prevent any future lockouts.

13) Does Entourage 2004 exchange support allow us to store our 'rules' on the server?

You can set up these rules through Outlook Web Access.

A poor second place to doing it through Entourage, I know, but better than leaving everything running.

14) I have Entourage 2004 set up with the https address for my exchange server, and have the "DAV service requires secure connection (SSL)" checkbox set. I get and send email great. However, I can't see the free/busy information (and public folders) unless I uncheck the DAV SSL checkbox (which means, of course, that I can't actually send my meeting invitations, since I need DAV SSL to get and send email).

Of course, I can replace the https exchange server address with the name of the exchange server, but than I can't connect to it from locations offsite. Suggestions?

Open Script Editor, and paste this in:

-- Start Copying

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    set DAV requires SSL of Exchange account 1 to true
    set message1 to window 1
    send message1
    set DAV requires SSL of Exchange account 1 to false
end tell

-- Stop Copying

Then, go to File -> Save As, and save it as a compiled script to ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items. I would recommend naming it something like "Send Mail\mcS"

Then, when you're ready to send a message, press Control-Commmand-S (or click the Script menu, next to Help, and select "Send Mail"), rather than the Send button. It should then send properly and then reset your Exchange account settings to a state that allows you to access free/busy information and public folders.

15) Any idea on how to stop public folders from syncing on Entourage 04?

Don't subscribe to any and don't ever click the Public Folders root item in the folder list.

16) Attempting to send anything yields either 'Unknown Error -17199' or 'HTTP Error. Access to the resource is forbidden. Error -18597.

This is probably because the e-mail address you typed in the Exchange account dialog does not exactly match the one the server expects. Since the addresses don't match, it doesn't allow you to send.

17) Setting up Entourage 2004 using my server https://mail.mycompany.com/exchange and getting the following error: Access to the resource is forbidden.

I'd really like to avoid using IMAP as that will gain me nothing between Entourage X and Entourage 2004 and using my exchange server name us bombing out as well.

What's amazing is Outlook 2001 MAC setup everything just fine - just like the Windows version. I'm really confused as to why MS didn't get Entourage working on the exchange server setup as seamlessly as Outlook. For Outlook, I just plugged in the exchange server name and my user name and everything was done.

You put https:// in the server field, make sure you have checked "DAV requires secure connection (SSL)" under the Advanced tab of your Exchange account.

Did you try using the auto-configure assistant when setting up your account? It should have just asked for your name and password and then set-up your Exchange account for you (of course it doesn't do it to the OWA server URL, so if you're on a laptop it's not necessarily available outside your network).

18) How do I configure Exchange Server 2000 and/or Entourage v10 to sync when using an OWA virtual directory name other than "/exchange"? It worked just fine using /exchange but for reasons best known to our Exchange organization admins, I was forced to use a different virtual directory name.

Good news and bad news.

Bad news: Can't be configured in Entourage v10.1.4

Good news: Works just fine in Entourage 2004

To do it in Entourage 2004, just type or paste in the URL of the OWA interface into the "Exchange Server" field of your Exchange account settings in Entourage.

19) I know about click "subscribe" to see the messages in public folder. But something doesn't work for me is the sub-folder in public folder. For example, I have this sub-folder called User Support. Inside I have projects, solutions, etc. sub-folders.

After I subscribe to User Support, I can only see the messages in this folder. The projects and solutions folder won't show up at all. And it won't show up no matter how long I wait. Does it happen to somebody else, or just me?

You have to subscribe to each subfolder individually if you want to also see them. They will show up in a flat list; subscribed folders don't show hierarchy.

The two sub-folders I mentioned in my post were just examples. We have many many sub-folders in the public folder. Entourage X works same as Outlook with this aspect, with no problem as all.

If you want Entourage 2004 to work like Entourage X, just create an IMAP account that points at your Exchange server.

20) User shares his solution for authentication errors:

I was struggling with an authentication error in Entourage for over 2 months which i FINALY solved today.

We have Exchange 2000 on a 2000 Server. I had numerous of errors when trying to connect to it through various versions of entourage.

I pinned down the problem to be the mail-box-alias-names in Exchange. In order to be able to logon to the server you MUST have the same alias on the mailbox and on the Pre-windows 2000 Logon name.


NOT Working: username: johndoe mail box alias jdoe

WORKING: username: johndoe mail box alias: johndoe

Users who have a new domain without any heritage of old NT4 domains will most probably NOT notice this. But for the 90€% of us others... Well :)

BTW: specify <mailservername>/public as Free/Busy server. and everything will go smoothly.

21) Does anyone know how to use the address book from Exchange Server 2000 in Entourage, or is it possible?

You must configure the LDAP settings properly (providing your Exchange server offers LDAP). Entourage will then use it for GAL queries (it's just not browsable).

22) When I create an exchange account in Entourage I receive a message telling me that it's impossible to connect to my SBS 2003 server because the valid root certificate is not installed.

See Importing Security Certificates into the Mac OS X Certificate Store.

23) Unable to delete large quantities of messages (i.e.; 100 + items) without getting weird authentication errors (and Entourage being kicked off line, etc).

User reports this solution: The problem was traced back to misconfigured ACL permissions on an Exchange server backend temp folder.