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Exchange Lookup Tips

Tips provided by Jeremy Reichman, Information & Technology Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Entourage lookups consult the Exchange Global Catalog, which is similar but not exactly the same as the Global Address List seen by Microsoft Outlook users on Windows. You may see different results in Entourage compared to GAL lookups by Outlook/Windows.
  • Entourage defaults to performing these LDAP lookups against the Global Catalog over TCP port 3268.
  • Entourage uses LDAP-style queries, which are quite flexible in finding results. This may be preferable, in some instances, than having to browse through a large GAL.
  • Entourage returns names based on the first name and last name associated with an account, not the display name. The display name may be constructed differently in your organization -- it may display additional organizational information (like "Robert Smith (Accounting)") or may be constructed directory-style (such as "Smith, Robert").
  • Lookups that succeed while on your organization's network may fail when you are away from that network, such as when you take a laptop home. Some system administrators will choose to block LDAP access to Global Catalog servers from outside their network. In these cases, you may be able to perform lookups if your organization provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to provide a secure tunnel the organization's own network. You may have to use VPN -- or be blocked from lookup access -- even when you are able to otherwise use Entourage successfully for mail, calendar, and personal contacts.
  • The e-mail addresses displayed come from the Exchange user's contact information (there is a single e-mail address field in it) -- *not* from the SMTP delivery information for that user's account. If an e-mail address displayed by Entourage during lookups is blank or missing, ask your system administrator to look up the account's contact information with a tool such as Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC).
  • There is no current support in Entourage for subdivisions -- or address lists -- of the Global Address List.