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How to use AppleScript to connect Entourage to Exchange Server 2000 sp2, 2003 or 2007

Update: Version 2.0 posted on May 26, 2008.

This AppleScript is intended to be modified by an administrator to assist his Entourage users with the setups of their Exchange server accounts. It has been tested specifically with Entourage 2004 11.2.6, 11.3.3, 11.3.7 and Entourage 12.00, 12.0.1 and 12.10 but should work with any version of Entourage 2004 SP2 (11.2.0) and higher. Every company's network is different so this script was written to provide enough ideas for a novice scripter to be able to adapt it for use in his network in just a few minutes.

The user's Mac OS X Name (also called the "Display name" if using Active Directory) and email address are assumed to be in the form of:

"Last, First" and "first.last@domain.com"

But it can easily be modified for other variations such as:

"First Last" and "first@domain.com

It works especially well if the Mac is bound to Active Directory where the user's Mac OS X Short Name will match the "User logon name" in Active Directory.

The script must first be edited in "Script Editor.app" found in /Applications/Applescript and modified with server names appropriate to the network. It should then be saved as an application to a location where the currently logged in user can double-click it to run it. If the user's computer login (short name, long name, etc.) is consistent with his Exchange server's login then it will work with little need for modification.

To get started:

  1. Download the script
  2. Open the script using "Script Editor.app" found in /Applications/AppleScript.
  3. Customize the five server properties below with information appropriate to your network.
  4. Customize the format of your company's email addresses. Six example email formats are included.
  5. Save the script as an application (rename it if desired) and store it in a location where any user can double-click it to set up his own email account. This can be on each Mac or on a Mac-accessible server volume.
  6. Instruct users to double-click the script when they will be using Entourage for the first time on a machine or if the machine has been recently re-imaged. Entourage does not need to be running when this script is used.

Questions or comments about the script should be directed to Microsoft Interop MVP - Mac/Windows