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FAQs for Entourage 2004

Demo Questions...

  1. Will Demo overwrite my Entourage X data?
  2. Convert from Demo to full version concerns
  3. Forced to leave mail on server

General Questions...

  1. Why should I upgrade to 2004?
  2. Why do I have MAU log files at the root level after running updater?

Upgrade and Install Questions...

  1. Can I use both Entourage X and 2004?
  2. After upgrade, download is flooded with thousands of old messages
  3. Trouble installing...everything crashes
  4. Rules, Schedules, and Signatures not imported
  5. Support RPA POP3 authentication
  6. Import Addresses from Office X, Office 2001 and Apple Mail
  7. 2004 Database Utility repair Entourage X database
  8. Importing a corrupt Entourage X database
  9. MLM files messages in Inbox after update

New Feature Questions...

  1. Can I change the toolbar in Entourage 2004?
  2. Unfortunately, no...

  3. Are services supported in Entourage 2004?
  4. Are there any new enhancements to calendar?
  5. Is Bluetooth support available?
  6. Sync with MSN, Yahoo Calendars etc.
  7. Does the Junk Mail Filter "learn"?


If the Microsoft Database daemon is turned off, the Database Utility option "Verify Automatically in Background" will not take place. Spotlight will index any cache files the Entourage daemon has created even if the daemon is not launched, but no new cache files will be created until the daemon is launched again.

Entourage 2004 uses your default email address as address for newsgroups. To create a no spam address for newsgroups see directions here.

Command-Delete (deletes the word to the left of the cursor in Word) is interpreted in Entourage to delete message. There is no warning! MS is looking into this.

Demo Questions

1) If I install the Office 2004 Demo on a computer with Office v.x installed, will it overwrite my Microsoft User Identities folder ?

No. The importer will leave your X identities alone in the Office X Identities subfolder of the Microsoft User Data folder. When you first launch 2004 Test Drive, it will make a brand new Office 2004 Identities subfolder in the same Microsoft User Data folder, and will start off with a totally different, brand new, fresh empty identity. If you wish to import your X identity to continue with your current contacts, calendar, mail, etc. go to File/Import/From Entourage X. You can even choose to exclude Mail if you wish, or anything else. It will take a copy of your main identity from X and convert it to a 2004 database. This will still be totally separate from your X identity's database. Any time you choose to go back to X, you can. And, if and when you upgrade to 2004, the full install will be able to go on using your Test Drive's 2004 database.

2) I am using the demo version now. I am concerned I am going to lose my projects when I purchase the full version. I have already changed my entire calendar and school project management systems to work in Entourage and I am completely hooked. When I buy the full version will all the projects/ contacts/emails/events/tasks I've created carry over? Will I still have access to the project folders with the files I have placed in them? I will be buying the education version, if that matters?

The Microsoft User Data folder (which is where all your data is stored) will be untouched by uninstall of the demo and install of the full version. There is no difference with the educational version. It should just work.

3) Do you know why Entourage 2004 Demo is forcing mail to be left on my server? Under the "Account Options" tab, the "leave a copy of each message" checkbox is checked but is greyed out so I cannot uncheck it.

It's enforced on the Test Drive so that you won't lose any mail should you decide not to buy the full version and go back to your previous mail client, where all accumulated mail will download to update it.

Update and Install Questions

1) I'm using both Entourage X and Entourage 2004. I'm crashing like crazy. What can I do?

If you are using both Entourage X and Entourage 2004 be sure to quit Notification and/or the daemon before switching. You should only have one daemon in Startup Items. More info

2)I just upgraded to Office 2004 and I had a bit of a problem with Entourage. I have about 20 email accounts that all get a tremendous amount of mail. I have each account set up to leave the mail of the server for 14 days, this way I can check my mail when I am out of town and still get the mail on my main computer at home. So I perform the upgrade and then check my mail. Much to surprise my computer was flooded with thousands of redundant messages that I had already previously retrieved.

Even though you had downloaded the emails on another computer, you had selected to leave the messages on the server. Entourage 2004 did not know you had downloaded these messages.

Tip: "Get all messages left on server" one final time on Office X, before launching and using Entourage 2004. After doing this check "Allow online access" to be doubly sure all messages are downloaded to Entourage X. More on "Allow online access" (here).

3) I'm having trouble installing. Everything crashes.

  1. Use Remove Office and try to reinstall
  2. Look for a corrupt font... Try removing fonts until it can successfully launch. more info

4) Why weren't my Rules, Schedules, and Signatures imported from Entourage v.X?

They should have been imported. If they weren't picked up, it is likely because the import terminated abnormally - most likely due to some database corruption. It's a very good idea to do a Rebuild of your X identity, in X, before importing it into 2004. (Even more important if you're coming directly from 2001 to do it there first.) See Tips on a good install (here).

5) Does Entourage 2004 support RPA POP3 authentication?

Entourage 2004 no longer supports RPA POP3 authentication. It is CompuServe's proprietary authentication method.

6) How do I import addresses from Office X, Office 2001 and Apple Mail?

For Office X and 2004, use the Import item in the File menu.

Apple Mail does not have any addresses; they are kept in the Address Book Application. Entourage 2004 Sync Services added in update 11.2.3 allow you to sync Entourage's Address Book to Apple's Address Book. See Sync-Services FAQs for more info.

7) I have a damaged Entourage X database that is over 4GB, can the new database utility repair the old database?

The problem is that you have to get the data into 2004 before the database repair tool can operate on it. If your data is damaged in X, it most likely can't be imported into 2004. Your only real solution is to go to a backup.

9) The Mailing List Manager won't send list mails to a folder, resulting in hundreds of list mails in my inbox. What happened?

My guess is that the folder references were broken in the upgrade. You can probably fix it by simply reselecting the folder for your MLM rules.

Open up the MLM entries for editing, and re-select the folder that should receive the mail. It is possible that something has gone adrift and the folder reference has lost it's bearings and points to the Inbox.

Note: Update 11.2.3 added Sync Services to Entourage that allows you to sync to Apple's Address Book. More Info

New Feature Questions

1) Have there been any enhancements to the calendar in Entourage 2004?

Printing of calendars is a lot better.

2) Are services supported in Office '04?

They are in Entourage.

3) Will Entourage 2004 Sync with MSN, Yahoo Calendars or with a Nokia 6600 Symbian Phone?

There's no change to what devices Entourage will sync to, but the syncing is much faster. Note: The "Sync Services" update, 11.2.3 allows users to synchronize with all mobile phones supported by iSync, including the Nokia 6600.

iSync Compatible Devices

6) Does the Junk Mail Filter "learn"?

No. While it is fixed and non-trainable, Microsoft issues updates to it with most Entourage updates, and collates the main features of all the spam that passes through MSN & Hotmail to include in those updates. As a result, they do the training for us, using ranges of spam that no single user ever has access to.

Note the key to good spam management is an updated Address Book. The JMF never assigns messages from contacts in your Address Book to the Junk category. To manage "spam" from your own address, see Junk Mail where "From is Me" For more help dealing with spam see Junk Mail Filter Basics.

Why Upgrade to Entourage 2004?

Support for Entourage X ended January 9, 2007. It is an "end of life" product. It was not updated for the new 2007 daylight saving time change. Entourage 2004 is compliant with DST.

Sometimes the best answers come from a user. Here is what some users on the Entourage talk list and newsgroup had to say.

  1. If you are viewing the message list in groups and start clicking the trash icon or start hitting delete to move messages to the deleted items folder, the process stops working when you reach the top of the group. This is great, because you might have been keeping certain older messages for reference that you do not wish to delete, and this helps avoid accidentally removing them.
  2. On my old iMac, Help is incredibly faster. Now it's really useful.
  3. On my old iMac, deleting messages is about 40% faster.
  4. The new conduit is indeed a lot faster than the old one for someone like me, with very large date- and address-books, it's especially helpful.
  5. I was adding an address to my Entourage address book today, one for which I had no ZIP code. So, after adding the record, I opened it to its Summary tab, clicked on the little menu icon next to the address, and selected "Show on map". When the map appeared in my browser, the ZIP code was listed along with the address at the top. Evidently the map lookup locates the ZIP code. All I had to do was switch back to Entourage and type it into the appropriate field.
  6. After playing around with things a bit more, I can achieve the functionality I want by printing calendars without any tasks, then printing the tasks in memo style next. There has been a significant enhancement to the printing of tasks memo style, as you certainly know. This makes it much more useful. You really DID hit a home run with print "Current Task List".
  7. The new Junk Mail Filter is greatly improved.