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FAQs: Calendar

  1. Edit recurring appointments
  2. Deselect permanently "all day event"
  3. Configure Entourage to imitate iCal's "multiple calendars" feature
  4. Link a graphic or movie to a calendar event
  5. Sync calendar on desktop to laptop
  6. Sync the Entourage Calendar to iCal
  7. Share Calendar events (including exchange server)
  8. Duplicate calendar events
  9. Create an event with a different time zone
  10. Delete old events automatically
  11. Create a calendar for newsletter
  12. Add the holidays
  13. Events appear one day early
  14. View specific categories in Calendar layout
  15. Delete events older than 12 months
  16. Export calendar events as tab delimited file
  17. Delete this calendar so I can start over
  18. Forward a Calendar Event in Entourage

Sync-Services and iCal FAQs

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.3 Update introduced Sync-Services with Apple's iCal.

See Print Section for problems printing the Calendar

See Calendar Views

1) I want to edit just one in a series of recurring appointments. It won’t let me edit anything but the start time information.

Currently that's not possible. You can delete "just this one' and make a non-recurring event instead. If it has really a lot of detail you don't want to retype, you could try making the new replacement with the script "Duplicate Category Event" by Paul Berkowitz.

2) In Entourage X, the default for an Event is "all day event" which I have to change almost every time. Any way to permanently deselect it?

This only occurs when the calendar is in 'Month' view. If you are in weekly or daily view creating a new event will use the default period set in preferences..

This is due to the fact that event durations are not displayed in month view, so clicking or double clicking in the day selects the whole day.

3) How do I configure Entourage to imitate iCal's "multiple calendars" feature?

As you've found out, iCal has a very powerful feature in that it can handle multiple calendars and display whichever one you want without the clutter of the others.

You can do the same thing in Entourage using categories. In new event windows, click the "Categories" button on the toolbar, then choose any category(ies) you want to assign. Remember to do this for all events. You can assign categories for existing events by Control-clicking the event and then selecting "Categories" and assigning a category. Repeat to assign multiple categories.

You can view the calendar only showing the category you want by going to the upper-right hand corner of the Entourage Calendar window and changing "Subject contains" to "Category is". Choose the category you want to view, and you'll have a customized calendar showing only those events.

4) How do I link a graphic or movie to a calendar event, since HTML is not supported within calendar events?

Save the event, so you can click on the Link button. Choose Link to/New/Note. A note window will appear. Name it the same as the event. As soon as you click in its note area, the HTML toolbar appears and the full Insert menu becomes available. Drag your graphic or movie, or select it from Insert drop-down. When done, save.

Now, whenever you open the event from the calendar, click its Link button. (You can add a couple words to the event's note to remind you that you can do this.) You'll now see a menu item "Notes" - select it and the note name that appears there as a submenu item, and your picture will immediately appear in its note. It's pretty cool.

Note: This only works in Entourage X or later with the latest updates applied.

5) Is there a way to link the calendar on my desktop computer to my laptop so I can keep them synchronized?

You can keep your entire Entourage databases on both computers in sync by copying one to the other when you switch computers. Or to keep just certain elements, like the calendar, in sync, you could use one of the following scripts:

Export/Import Calendar Events (for Entourage 2001)

Export-Import Entourage X (for Entourage X, 2004, 2008)

Export-Import Entourage 2001 (for Entourage 2001)

Download from MacScripter.net

6) How do I sync the Entourage Calendar to iCal?

Use Paul Berkowitz's script Sync Entourage-iCal.

7) Is there a way to export calendar events (or better yet share them) between computers running Entourage?

Entourage currently does not have this option.

Entourage will allow you to export your calendar to HTML using
File --> Save as Web Page...

You'll be responsible for posting it to your website using whatever means you have available.

This information is static and can not be made interactive. Any changes you make in Entourage will have to be saved as HTML again and uploaded to your server. Entourage can not import anything that you attempt to change on the website.

Scripts are available to export/import calendar events (not share them, of course)

  • Export/Import Calendar Events (for Entourage 2001) - single or a few events via email messages\
  • Export-Import Entourage X (for Entourage X and newer) - for any number of events, including whole calendar, or
  • Export-Import Entourage 2001 (for Entourage 2001) - a time frame

Download scripts from MacScripter.net

Tip: If you are using an Exchange Server, try Outlook for Mac (Classic).

One user has reported success in sharing calendar on exchange account:

I solved my problem regarding sharing Calendars with my assistant in Entourage when connected to an Exchange Server so thought I would pass the solution along in case anyone else runs into this issue.

In Outlook, I could share my Calendar (or Contacts or any other folder) simply by right clicking on the folder, selecting Folder Properties, clicking the Permissions tab, and assigning my assistant the permissions I wanted her to have. My assistant did not have to be a Delegate to access my Calendar.

This also worked when I was in Entourage connected to an Exchange Server and my assistant was in Outlook. However, when I switched my assistant to Entourage and tried the same thing, her Entourage could not find my Mailbox.

The solution I finally figured out was to make my assistant a Delegate and limit her properties to the same as the Permissions assigned to her in each Folder. None of the tutorials or help information stated that both Delegate and Permissions needed to be added; in fact, they are treated as alternative approaches. Nevertheless, in my experience, both Delegate access and Permissions need to be granted by me.

Finally, if there is no connection at first, try clearing the cache in the new folder.

Good luck
-- Tom

8) How can I duplicate calendar events? There doesn’t seem to be an option to do so within Entourage.

Use the AppleScript Duplicate Calendar Events free from MacScripter.net

  • Duplicate Calendar Events for 2001
  • Duplicate Calendar Events for X

9) How do you create an event with a different time zone?

You do this from the "Time Zone" sub menu of the Event menu when creating an event.

Be sure to check out the Mactopia article Get a handle on time zones.

Time zone confusion comes up quite often on the newsgroups & mailing lists. Lots of people scream that something is broken and it 'doesn't work, no matter what they do', but invariably when they follow these simple steps the problem goes away.

  1. Go to System Preferences and choose the 'Date & Time' Module. Click on the Time Zone tab. Click on the map at your approximate location and select the appropriate 'closest city' from the pop-up list (Note - UK Users do NOT select GMT as the time zone, select 'London', which will properly account for BST).
  2. Go to Entourage General Preferences, and select the Calendar tab. In the 'Default Time Zone for New Events' pop-up, select the appropriate time zone (note for UK users - here the correct time zone IS GMT - MS have confused things with their labeling).
  3. Now, quit & restart Entourage, because there is a bug in the OS that prevents the time zone information from being updated in running applications.

10) How do I configure to delete old events automatically?

You have two options:

  1. Go to: General Preferences -> Calendar -> Delete non-recurring older than XXX. Specify for example, 18 months. That way you can set it once and then forget about it.
  2. See Custom Views: Delete Old Calendar Events

11) How do I create a calendar for just my newsletter? I don't want my personal events shared.

Make a new identity in Entourage. Create the calendar in the new identity. Be sure to drag over your contacts. Drag the contacts to a folder on the desktop, then drag them into the new identity.

You might also try Events2Web (Freeware). Exports Entourage calendar events to a Web site.

For other options search the web for Web Calendars.

12) Is it possible to add the holidays to the calendar in Entourage for the next years automatically?

From Entourage Help: Add holidays to the Calendar

  1. On the File menu, click Import.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Import Assistant to import holidays.

13) Birthdays in the calendar suddenly are now appearing exactly one day before they should.

Check your time zone and DST settings in the system preferences - moving an all day event (like a birthday) one hour earlier will move it to the previous day.

14) Can I view only specific categories in the Calendar layout. Custom views seems to lock you into List Layout. What am Missing?

In the Calendar View, there is a popup menu showing "Subject" and "Category" in the upper right-hand corner of the window. Pick the category you want, and the calendar will filter to show only that category.

15) I have loads of old meetings, events and notes, etc in calendar that goes back to 2002, I just want to have the last 12 months, how do I delete these items in calendar I tried checking in preferences below but nothing happens.

To delete all events prior to the past twelve months, go to Edit -> Advanced Find, and create a query like this: ITEM TYPES Calendar Events CRITERIA Match if any criteria are met Category is None Category is not None.

This will give you a list of all events. Click the "Date" column header to sort by it (you might have to enable it in View -> Columns -> Date). When you have it, click it and it should darken with an upward pointing triangle (click it again to reverse the direction of the triangle). Then, click the first event in the list, scroll down to the event twelve months ago, and Shift-click it. Notice that all events prior to twelve months ago are selected. Just press the Delete button to eliminate these events, and from now on events older than ten months will be deleted automatically because of the preference change you've made.

16. Export calendar events as tab delimited file

Paul Berkowitz's scripts, Export-Import Entourage, contain a script to export calendar items to a text file.

17. I have only one calendar in Entourage (it's labeled "On my computer"). I've accidentally imported my iCal calendar into it twice, so now I have two instances of every event. How can I delete this calendar so I can start over?

You can't delete the calendar, but you can delete every event easily enough.

Hit cmd-opt-F when in calendar view, to bring up the 'advanced find' window. Do a Find for events whose subject contains "a" OR subject does not contain "a" - this will find every event (there may be a custom view already created called 'all events', which you could use instead).

Select an event, then do a 'select all' and hit the delete key. All events will be deleted.

18) Forward a Calendar Event in Entourage

There are two different ways of doing this, with two different goals in mind.

1) If you only want to give the recipient details about a specific event, simply drag the calendar item from the calendar onto the desktop. It will change into an .ics file, which you can attach to a new e-mail message.

2) If you want to invite other people to an event, or maybe find out whether they can participate or not, then open the calendar item by double-clicking it, then click on the Invite button on the upper left side of the toolbar and enter the necessary e-mail addresses.