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FAQs: Cc/Bcc/FW

  1. Add email addresses from the Cc and Bcc to my Address Book?
  2. Unable to send an email in Entourage that only has recipients in the Cc or Bcc fields
  3. Cannot see the Bcc addresses listed.
  4. Copy messages sent on my main machine sent from another machine
  5. Deactivate the localized prefix for Replies and Forwarded Emails
  6. Send "Bcc" or "Cc" WITHOUT attachments

See About replying to, forwarding, or redirecting mail on Mactopia

1) How can I add the email addresses from the Cc and Bcc to my Address Book?

Open the message by double-clicking it. Control-click the name or address of the person you want to add. Then, choose the option for "Add to Address Book". Repeat if desired.

2) I am unable to send an email in Entourage that only has recipients in the Ccor Bcc fields. The "Send Now" button is disabled until I add at least one recipient to the To field.

If it's always the same (or a few sets) of friends, put them in a group, and check the "Don't display recipients" box in the group window. Then Entourage actually does send it to them as Bcc Otherwise, just put your own address in the To field. Many ISPs require a "To" recipient.

3) I send e-mails often using the Blind Carbon Copy option, but then when I go to review the list of who I sent the mails to, I cannot see the Bcc addresses listed.

If you open the message into its own window by double-clicking it in the message pane, you'll see the Bcc header line. If it is a group name, Control-click on name and select Expand Group. If it is a list of names and not all are showing, just click on the Bcc line and a window will popup showing all names.

4) Mail app has an option (in Compose options) to Cc myself with all messages sent. Is there a way to do this in Entourage so I will have a copy of messages sent on my main machine even if the message wasn't sent from that machine?

This option is not available in Entourage. Other solutions:

Option 1: Get an IMAP account so that your sent folder would be accessible from anywhere.

Option 2: Create an Outgoing rule to forward or redirect all messages to whatever address you want. Do not use Forward, use Redirect.

Note: one user reported that using option 2 also sent copies to the original recipients. I’m looking into this and will report back.

Option 3: Create an AppleScript script that is installed in Entourage's Scripts Menu Items folder. The script is the following:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    make new draft window with properties {recipient:{recipient type:
       cc recipient, address:get address of me contact, display name:
       get display name of me contact}}
 end tell

Select this script from the script menu in Entourage whenever you wish to start a new message. It creates a new message with a cc already inserted. To make the process even more convenient, add a keyboard shortcut for triggering the script. See Add your own keyboard shortcuts to your scripts in Entourage.

In case you forget to start a new message using this script, put another script in the Script Menu Items folder that adds the cc to an existing draft message. This script is the following:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    if class of window 1 is draft window then
       set MyAddress to address of me contact
       if MyAddress is not in CC recipients of window 1 then 
          make new recipient of window 1 with properties {recipient type:
             cc recipient, address:MyAddress, display name:
             get display name of me contact}
    end if
 end tell

5) Does anyone know how to deactivate the strange localized prefixes for the topic in Entourage 2004? I need "Re "instead of German "AW "for replies and "FW" instead of "WG" for forwarded Mails. Any hints?

These are stored in STR #25386, items 6 and 7 of the Microsoft Framework file. Using a resource editor like Resourcerer, you can change them to whatever you want. [Warning!!! Advanced]

6) Send "Bcc" or "Cc" WITHOUT attachments. I send mails with attachments to clients. I'd like my boss to receive a "Bcc" of the most important of them without sending him the attachments.

Actually, this can be done, and Entourage makes it very easy, too, since it's a checkbox in the preferences. Go to Entourage>Preferences, and under Mail & News Preferences, Compose, you can uncheck the option which reads "Send attachments to Cc and Bcc recipients".