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Contextual Menu Items

Often overlooked by new Mac users is the contextual menu. It's the gateway to shortcuts. The Finder and many other applications take advantage of special shortcut menus (also called "contextual menus"). You can use these menus to quickly choose commands or perform actions specific to an active window or selected item.

Different items appear in a shortcut menu, depending on the context. To see the shortcut menu for an item, hold down the Control key and click the item. View some Entourage Contextual Menus.

To see the shortcut menu for an item, hold down the Control key and click the item.

  1. Private
  2. Folder-add to favorites bar

1) "Private" in contextual menu will only be available for Exchange accounts. It is used when you share a folder or in a delegation scenario. That way the delegate can see that you have an event there but it will show up as "Private Event" and that's it.

If you mark contacts as private they won't show up at all to anyone else except yourself. You can't mark mails as private. You can however mark them as private in Outlook and Entourage will honor that and not show those mails to others if you share your folders.

One more useful thing about marking Exchange events as 'Private' -- the Free/Busy information. Others can see that you are busy, but can't see any details on the private event itself. For non-private events, others can check the Free/Busy data and also can see the event's title and location.

2) You can drag a folder to the Favorites bar in Entourage 2008, or use the contextual menu. Just click on a folder and select option. I'm trying to find out what "apply Junk E-mail Protection" is.