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FAQs: Custom Arrangements

  1. Threading in lists with prefix eg. [iMovie List]
  2. Custom Arrangements and Custom Views
  3. Shortcut to expand collapsed group
  4. Triangle does not work in group view mode
  5. Arrange By: "Show in Groups" as default/Hide large horizontal date separators

1) The new custom arrangements do not seem to work with lists like the iMovie List that has a prefix in the subject.

Entourage doesn't thread those items because of the prefix [iMovie-List] in front of the real subject.

2) I noticed that the 'custom arrangements' set up for email folders do not appear when viewing email 'custom views', and vice versa. Is that a glitch?

No, The custom arrangements are different for Custom Views & Mail. Learn more about Custom Views.

4) While I am in a group view mode, clicking on the header will select all the messages in that group, for example, "Today", I can not close the triangle.

The triangle does work in Preview Pane On Right mode. It just doesn't work in Preview Pane Below List mode.

5) Is there any way to set the 'standard' Show in Groups so that the default display for groups is collapsed or is this only possible with Custom Arrangements?

Only through custom arrangements

In Entourage 2004 there are large horizontal date separators. Can these large separators be hidden from view?

Yes, click "arrange by" at the top of the message list and uncheck "Show in Groups" or

View > Arrange By > Uncheck "Show In Groups".

In Entourage 2004 all my folders default to the new "Show in Groups" arrangement. . I have to manually go through over 100 folders to get the view I specifically tailored in the past.

This is a bit of a problem. They made the feature on by default to 'aid discovery'. Fortunately, you only have to go through the process of turning it off once, then the folders will remember your setting.

Alternatively, you may find you like the new arrangements - I have some custom arrangements set up for different folders and find the new views very useful.

Click on Arrange By

Select Edit Custom Arrangements

Example of Custom Group for Lists