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Duplicates: Removing or Creating

  1. Permanently delete on quit
  2. Permanently delete messages in one step
  3. I deleted a folder, what can I do?
  4. Delete only future occurrences of the event, but leave all past occurrences intact?
  5. Who’s to blame for the Sync Services bug that creates all the duplicates?

Note: Having a middle name in an Address Book contact will cause the contact to be duplicated when it is synced to Entourage. Fixed in Entourage 2008.


FAQ: Why do I get duplicate messages for my POP account?

Remove Duplicate Messages

Delete Dupes Messages All Folders Author: Allen Watson

Deletes duplicate messages in ALL folders. Based on Barry's Remove Duplicates script. If you have more than two of a message, you may need to run the script multiple times, as it will delete only one of a set of duplicates each time it is run.

Remove Duplicates Author: Barry Wainwright.

Removes duplicate email messages from a selected folder in Entourage. Uses the message-id header, which is unique for every message, however, this will not find duplicates caused by a message arriving through two different routes, such as one sent to you direct and through a mailing list.

Remove Duplicate Messages Author: Jolly Roger

This script removes duplicate messages from the current selection in Entourage. The script determines whether a message is a duplicate of another message by examining the Subject, From, Date, and Message ID headers. The script optionally archives duplicate messages to disk before removing them in Entourage.

The neat thing about this script is that it stores archives of each message it removes from Entourage, and keeps a log of what it does. So if you run it and you find it deleted something you didn't want deleted, all you need to do is find the message file in the archive folder and drag that file back into the Entourage window.\

(this script takes a really long time to run)

Delete Imported Duplicates X Author: Paul Berkowitz

This script will quickly delete duplicate messages even from enormous folders such as the Inbox.

Companion script for your duplicate messages: Nuke Messages Author: Philip Kearney, SomeDude Software

Nuke Messages will bypass sending the two steps of sending duplicates to the deleted items folder then deleting again.

This script "nukes" the message in the frontmost window or selected messages in a list. Nuking a message removes it completely from the database - it does not pass go, collect $200, or end up in the Deleted Items folder. The script comes premapped to ctrl-d. As with any strategic nuclear weapon, extreme caution should be exercised in its use. There is no confirmation dialog. Once you nuke a message, it is gone for good.

Duplicate Incoming Author: Allen Watson

This script duplicates incoming messages.

Duplicate Message Author: Allen Watson

Duplicate a message in its current folder.


Use Apple Mail to delete duplicate contacts. With Sync Services turned on, sync contacts to Apple Address Book. Under Card in the Menu bar, select "Look for Duplicates". After searching it will give you the option to merge. I suggest you export just contacts as .rge file as backup in Entourage AND export from Apple Address Book as Address Book archive before doing cleanup. With Sync Services you never know what will happen. (this works in Outlook for Mac)

Scrubly removes duplicates. The Free version includes all of the features and functionality of the paid version up to 250 contacts. (this works in Outlook for Mac)


Categorize Duplicate Contacts Author: Allen Watson. Locates duplicate contacts in the Entourage Address Book and marks them by assigning them to a category of "Duplicate". The user can then use Address Book filtering (the box at the upper right of Address Book) to isolate all contacts in Duplicate category and process them as desired (Merge Two Contacts or Merge Contacts scripts recommended).

Categorize Duplicate Contacts Author: Allen Watson

Locate duplicate contacts in Entourage

Find Delete Old Contacts Author: Allen Watson

Locates and optionally deletes old contacts. Allows user to enter cutoff date for selection (e.g., all contacts with no activity since 1/1/2001). You can choose to retain older contacts whose records contain address and telephone information, or to include them in the list. The script creates a note within Entourage listing all the selected contacts, and offers to delete them if you wish

Companion script for your duplicate contacts: Merge Two Contacts 1.0


Duplicate Calendar Events Author: Paul Berkowitz (this makes a duplicate)

There is no way to duplicate an existing Calendar event from one day to another by dragging it to a day in the calendar, nor copying and pasting, nor from a menu. Run this script to make the duplicates, complete with title, location, description notes, categories, and links to everything the original was linked to plus all the other events with the same title.

iCal Dupe Deleter - In Entourage preferences turn on Sync Services for iCal. Use this application to remove duplicate events in iCal. Sync Services will sync back the removed events to Entourage. Do not turn off Sync Services when using iCal Dupe Deleter or you’ll loose categories when you overwrite Entourage data with iCal when you enable Sync Services after the cleanup. (I have found this method to be the quickest way to cleanup duplicate calendar events in Entourage.)

Remove Duplicate Calendar Events Author: Jolly Roger (If you have a lot of events, this scripts takes a loooong time to run)

This script removes duplicate calendar events from the calendar in the current identity. The script determines whether an event is a duplicate of another event by examining these event properties:

• Subject • Start time• End time • Category (optional - see ReadMe document)

The Remove Duplicate Calendar Events script has been updated so that it now detects multiple calendars and lets the user choose from a list of calendars.

1.2 - new functionality March 5, 2008

* Script now adds an entry to the log for each event it encounters so that search status is updated more frequently in the log.
* If the pDisplayLog property is true, the script automatically opens a terminal window and displays updates to the log in real-time during processing.

Tip: Delete Duplicate Calendar Events using categories. Duplicated events do not have a category (categories don't sync through Sync-Services). If you have assigned categories to your events, then you can sort by category and delete all events that do not have a category.

Delete Old Calendar Events Manually

You have two options:

  1. Go to: General Preferences -> Calendar -> Delete non-recurring older than XXX. Specify for example, 18 months. That way you can set it once and then forget about it.

  2. See Custom Views: Delete Old Calendar Events

Delete Duplicate Calendar events for Exchange Users:

Use Duplicate Killer Merger for Microsoft® Outlook

Be sure to quit Entourage while running DK. Essentially it will clear your Entourage cache when you began syncing it with Exchange again.

Third Party Options

Delete the duplicates in iCal then sync back up to Entourage.

  1. Turn off Sync Services in Entourage
  2. Use one of the third party applications to delete dupes in iCal
  3. Return to Entourage Preferences and again select Sync Services. Select to Delete Entourage information
  4. This should immediately start eliminating events in Entourage and re-populating it with the duplicate-free data from iCal.
    1. If nothing happens, use Syncrospector from the Apple Developers Software. /Developer/Applications/Utilities
    2. Click on the Sync button and this should do the trick.
    3. You can download Xcode (995.8 MB) free after you create a free ADC Membership.

Third Party Tools


Entourage 2004: Duplicates in Palm: According to a source at Palm, the reason for the duplicates may be in how the conduits are set. See the Palm Knowledge Library article "Synchronize with multiple handhelds or with multiple desktop computers" can give some insight. Check the section under the heading "One handheld device, two Macs or PCs (or a combination thereof)".

UnDupe...For Palm users. Delete duplicates from the Date Book, Address Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List (or Franklin Task List if you are using Franklin-Covey software) separately.