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Easter Eggs in Entourage

A virtual Easter egg is a hidden message or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, or video game.

Do you have Security concerns?

From Wikipedia: For this reason, many developers have stopped the practice of adding Easter eggs to their software. Microsoft, who has in the past created some of the largest and most elaborate Easter eggs such as the ones in Microsoft Office, no longer allows Easter eggs as part of their Trustworthy Computing initiative.

Read MacBU's David Weiss' blog, in which he gives instructions to trigger an Easter egg in Mac Office 98.

How to find the Easter Egg in Entourage 2004:

  1. Start up the Microsoft Office Notifications application
  2. Hold down cntl, Option & Command keys
  3. Select 'about office notifications' from the 'office notifications' menu
  4. Click on the little black & white 'meteors' icon above the 'ok' button
  5. Play the game