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FAQs: Font

  1. Fonts from PC's CIS and Outlook are tiny-tiny in Entourage
  2. Make text larger
  3. Make text smaller
  4. Text too large when sent to Window's users
    1. Text too small when received from Compuserve mail
    2. Text too small when received from Window's users
  5. Set the default font size
    1. What are the default fonts settings for Entourage.
  6. Long delay before font list drops
  7. View plain text/revert back the old non-HTML default font in Entourage 2004
  8. Change fonts in signature
  9. Troubleshoot fonts
    1. Fonts in Safari messed up after installing 2008
  10. Where are the Office fonts located?

FontNuke...A FREE tool for removing font cache files on Mac OS X. Removes system font caches, Adobe font caches (*.lst), and Microsoft Office font caches. If it prompts you to click the button for "Quit All Apps" just quit them manually. See other Tools for Troubleshooting

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Addditional Info:

Font Fatigue: Pruning Excess Fonts in Mac OS X

Set Font Preferences

Troubleshoot Fonts

Do Not Disable These Fonts!

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1) Fonts from PC's CIS and Outlook come in tiny-tiny to my Entourage. How can I make them larger? The Compuserve users do not even have a non html option.

It's easy to made then larger. Just click on the icon with the A at the top of the message window. Each click will make them larger.

See Rule 9 and Rule 10 for more help

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2) How do I make text larger?

Use the Increase Font Size button:

This button is not available for Entourage 2008.

Use command - (that's the key with the + sign) to make bigger. To make smaller use command - (that's the key to the left of the + key.)

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3) OK, but how do I make text smaller?

It's a dual-purpose button: click to enlarge, option-click reduce point size. See FAQ #2.

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4) How come text from Entourage appears so large when I send it to my friends using Windows?

It has to do with the way that monitors connected to Windows systems display images. Windows displays the screen picture at 96 dpi, while the Mac displays the screen picture at 72 dpi. Because of this, messages that look normally sized on the Windows computer will be small on the Macintosh. On the other hand, messages that look normally-sized on the Macintosh are magnified when they are shown on Windows displays.

You're best bet to get around this is to send your messages in plain text (make sure the Format -> HTML option is unchecked). What the PC user sees then only depends on his/her settings to display plain text messages. Alternatively, you can change the font size to "Smaller" before sending so that the messages appear at a more reasonable size on the receiving end.

4a) When I receive mail from usually from a Window's user, it's so small I can hardly read it.

There are rules that can make fonts larger.

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5) How do I set the default font size?

Set Preferences: Entourage -> General Preferences under the "Fonts" tab

Fonts can be set for plain text and HTML. The settings for plain text only affect what YOU see and not what the sender receives. The receiver will see the messages with THEIR preferences. When setting plain text, choose what you like. This is a great feature, especially if you like larger fonts for easy viewing. However, the font and size you choose for "HTML messages (proportional)" do reflect the default font for outgoing HTML mail and is what the recipient will see.

HTML font size can sometimes be misinterpreted when sent from a Mac to PC. This has been improved with the latest updates to Office X and 2004, but can still cause problems. This is why plain text is preferred.

Default Font Settings:

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6) When I select a Font list in Entourage or any MS product, there is a long delay before the font list drops.

Disable the option for "WYSIWYG font menus" option. This really slows down the display of the font menus.

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7) Is there a way to view plain text in Office 2004 as it is viewed in Office X?

Go to General Preferences, Fonts, and select the font you want, and size you want. Choose another font that looks good at 9 point and anti-aliased. There's a much longer winded explanation for why this is so, but it basically boils down to it's a side-effect of using Apple's ATSUI text engine and Carbon apps.

Office X shows fixed point messages "plain text" as non-anti-aliased Monaco 9 point by default. Office 2004 shows it as anti-aliased Monaco.

Some people have liked "Lucidia Sans Typewriter" and "Andale Mono"at 10 or 12 point which you should already have (Office folder->Fonts). There's another one called ProFont - which was designed specifically to look good at 9 point. You'll want to use the ProFontIsoLatin1 variant.


For more info:

  1. Check out the thread: "What to do about this new Entourage and some of my troubles" located in the archives.
  2. More on setting preferences for fonts (here).
  3. Additonal info and examples can be found on Scott Haneda's site .
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8) How can I set the font size for signatures?

Go to Tools -> Signatures, and open the signature. Click the abab button to turn on HTML formatting (or go to Format -> HTML). You can then select text (all if you like) and set a font size using the toolbar menu or the Format -> Font Size command. Note that this will only appear if the message being composed with this signature is in HTML format.

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9a) After installing 2008 office for Mac my fonts in Safari are all jumbled, corrupt. How do I fix this?

It happens every time you install new fonts (if other applciations are using them at this moment)

Reboot: the cache will be updated and the problem shoudl disappear.

Tip: Always run the latest version of Office and Mac OS X.

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