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FAQs: Holiday

  1. Add holidays
  2. Send holidays greeting to all clients and acquaintances

1) How can you add holidays that are not included to Entourage?

  1. Create a new category and name it something like "Custom Calendar Events"
  2. Create your events in Entourage's local calendar, assign them all your new category "Custom Calendar Events".
  3. Go to File > Export...
  4. Select "Export to Archive" and uncheck all other events (export just "Custom Calendar Events" category.)
  5. Press OK
  6. Import it via the File: Import menu item while in the Calendar window.

Tip: This is easier to do in a new blank Identity.

You can select to share the archive (.rge) you exported with friends and family. All they need to do is import it via the File:Import menu item.

Also note: Previously we had described how to edit the actual Holiday file. The Holiday file could overwritten by an update so having the data in an Entourage archive is the best option.

2) I am searching for a script to send some holiday greetings to all my clients and acquaintances once a year.

If you have Office, you can use Word to create a Data Merge with an e-mail message as the destination. Choose Data Merge Manager off of the Tools menu in Word to get started.