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FAQs: Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Incoming messages go to wrong folder.
  2. You must have a rule that is moving the message. There are three different kinds of rules. The most likely culprit is the Mailing List Manager (MLM). It's very easy to set up a MLM rule by accident, when you are marking a message as 'not junk'. The wording of that dialog is ambiguous to say the least. Check if there is an MLM entry (look for MLM entries under the tools menu) with the local Inbox as the target folder. You can select to use the Mailing List Manager (MLM) rule or your custom rule. Mailing List Manager rules run before your other rules. For more help see Troubleshooting Rules

  3. Does Entourage decode binaries?
  4. Entourage only has basic newsreading capabilities, and does not automatically unpack multi-message binaries. You need to get a dedicated newsreader to do this. Take a look at MT-Newswatcher.

  5. Can I bluetooth an individual file to my cell from Entourage?
  6. Bluetooth isn't built into Entourage like it is in Apple's Address Book. It is possible to drag one or more contacts from Entourage directly into Address Book where you can use Bluetooth, or just drag the contact/event/attachment to the desktop, and use 'send file' from the bluetooth menubar icon.

  7. Does anyone know why custom fields do not display their custom name in a list view?
  8. It is a design limitation of the program.

  9. Is Entourage supposed to save all unsent emails as drafts? I was testing Paul Berkowitz's Word-signature solution, and wound up with 10 drafts from my testing. I can't seem to find the option for this – I thought it was supposed to prompt you to save a draft?
  10. When Word creates an HTML message in Entourage, it automatically saves it into the Drafts folder. You'll need to explicitly delete it if you don't want it. Simply closing the window will not delete it.

  11. Why is this email blank, it has text?
  12. In Entourage -> Preferences, under General Preferences > Security, make sure the option to "Display complex HTML in messages" is checked.

    It is possible that your Internet Preferences file is corrupt.

    Drag Macintosh HD/Users/<Problematic User>/Library/Preferences/com.apple.internetconfig.plist to the Desktop. Re-launch Entourage, and see if the messages load. If they do, you can delete the old preferences file. If not, move it back. Note that if you do delete it, you will have to reset some of your internet settings.

    If none of that works, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2004. Install help here

    Blank emails with no text is a sign of database corruption. You will need to rebuild your database.

  13. Proxy Settings: In Office v.X Entourage had a manual mail proxy configuration. This worked great for me because at work I am behind a password-protected proxy server. This was pretty much the only way to get IMAP/POP mail. OS X Mail won't use the proxy and neither will Entourage 2004. Any work-arounds?
  14. Entourage 2004 uses the proxy set in the OS Network preferences. You can change it by going to System Preferences : Network in the Apple menu.

  15. What is the difference between remove and delete Office?
  16. If you drag the Microsoft Office folder to the trash and delete it, it will remove the applications, but it will not remove preferences and other hidden files.

  17. I have about a dozen files in the Entourage Temp Items folder. Can I trash them?
  18. Log out of the system and log back in again. If the files remain in place, they can safely be deleted. Anything that a MS app puts in the Temp Folder should be deleted when the app quits, but sometimes, after a crash, bits get left behind.

    If you don't quit Entourage on a regular basis, you should run the script "Delete Temporary Items folder" with a schedule.

  19. Is there a way to change the toolbar in Entourage 2004?
  20. Unfortunately, no...

  21. In my sent emails I have Black Spots against some of my messages. Does anyone know what this means? I cant find this under help-symbols-flags.
  22. It's a tag for the project it belongs to.

  23. What is a "Conversation"?
  24. It's a field used by exchange accounts to track threads, even when the subject changes. There isn't any use for it outside of an exchange account. There have been a lot of requests to make it an optional item when printing emails.

  25. How can I save/extract Entourage 2004 e-mails in MIME format?
  26. If you simply drag an email to the desktop, it will form an .eml file. This is the raw source of the email, including encoded attachments. This will be in RFC822/MIME format.

  27. Entourage does not display fractions properly. Mail sent from a PC user where fractions like 1/2 & 1/4 have been changed to a MIME type are diplayed incorrectly.
  28. When you have the message open, try going to Format > Character Set > Western European (Windows).