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Using Entourage with iPhone

Entourage, Address Book, iCal, Palm devices, telephones, etc., sync to the "truth" database.

  • As long as syncing is enabled in Entourage it will sync to the "truth".
  • Entourage will sync with any other sync-enabled application such as .Mac, Address Book, iCal, etc.
  • Every piece of information in a record will sync to the "truth" but it's up to the other applications to understand all the information in the "truth".
  • For more detailed info see Apple KB article: Synching iPhone with your computer.
  • Understanding Entourage and Sync Services see: BASICS OF HOW SYNC SERVICES WORKS

Note: Sync Services was added to Entourage 2004 with update 11.2.3. This option is not available for Entourage X.

Apple KB How to enable Entourage syncing to iPhone

How to set up Entourage Sync with iPhone:

  1. Set Entourage Preferences: Sync Services
  2. You can sync contacts from Mac OS X Address Book or Entourage on a Mac, or Yahoo! Addresses Book, Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), or Microsoft Outlook on a PC.
  3. Click the Info tab in iTunes, then do one of the following:
    1. If you're using a Mac, select "Sync Address Book contacts."
    2. If you're using a PC, select "Sync contacts from" and then choose Yahoo! Address Book, Windows Address Book, or Outlook from the pop-up menu.
  4. Select "All contacts," or select "Selected groups" and select the groups you want to sync.
  5. If you're using a Mac, select "Sync Yahoo! Address Book contacts" if you also want to sync with your Yahoo! contacts.
    1. You only need to click Configure when you change your Yahoo! ID or password after you've set up syncing. Click Configure and enter your new login information.
    2. Note: Syncing won't delete any contact in Yahoo! Address Book that contains a Messenger ID, even if you've deleted the contact from your address book on iPhone or your computer. To delete a contact containing a Messenger ID, log in to your Yahoo! account online and delete the contact using Yahoo! Address Book.

Frequently Asked Questions on using Entourage with iPhone:

  1. Lost Contacts on sync with iPhone
  2. Do Birthdays sync?

1. The good news is that is picked up my Entourage calendar, but somehow it erased my entire Entourage contact list and didn't put any contacts on the phone. So now I have no contacts on my computer or iPhone.

First read "Basics of How Sync Services Works" to understand the process of sync services.

When you first synced the information, you should have been given a dialog asking if you wanted to ...

  1. Replace Entourage items with Sync Services items
  2. Replace Sync Services items with Entourage items
  3. Merge Entourage items with Sync Services items

The "Replace Entourage items" option will delete all items in Entourage and override them with the contents of the Sync Services truth. You'd want to do this if you haven't used Entourage in a while or you consider your cell phone's address book the primary "rule" for your contacts.

The "Replace Sync Services" option makes Entourage the short-term rule. All contents within your truth will be deleted and replaced with Entourage items. In this case, all contacts in your Address Book app would be deleted and then replaced with those from the address book selected in Entourage. This is useful if you've been living in a two-address book world with Entourage as your primary address book.

The "Merge" option is the safest option. Nothing gets deleted. Items in the Sync Services truth go into Entourage and items within Entourage go into the Sync Services truth. This can be a bit messy, causing duplication, or unwanted items--but your data is pretty much guaranteed to remain. Generally, I'd always recommend "Merge" with a clean-up later on (remember, all future deletions/modifications will get synched from this point forward).

After selecting one of these options, all changes in anything that talks to the truth will be synchronized to any application that listens.

Pay careful attention to Alert warnings!

2) Do Birthdays in Entourage sync to iPhone?

Everything that the Truth stores - which will include all info that Address Book stores, including birthdays - will sync. (For those who might still be using Paul Berkowitz’s Sync scripts to sync Entourage to Address Book, the Address Book info syncs to SyncServices and so will still get to the iPhone.)