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Mobile Phones

1) Can I synchronize Entourage directly with a mobile phone?

The ability to sync to mobile phones was added with Entourage 2004 update 11.2.3. See details here

For Entourage X and Entourage 2001:

Third-party solutions:

MobileSync by Salling Software, which only works with Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Learn more about the product here: http://homepage.mac.com/jonassalling/Shareware/MobileSync/

PocketMac GoBetween...it's the first-ever automated iSync plug-in to allow Entourage users to sync their crucial data to iSync-supported phones and devices.

Your other option, described below is a workaround by exporting information from Entourage into the Apple applications and using iSync to sync:

Synchronize contacts with your phone by synchronizing the Entourage Address Book with the System Address Book using Paul Berkowitz's Sync Entourage-Address Book script.

Contacts are the only information you'll be able to actually synchronize using the iSync method. You can do a one-way transfer of information to iCal and then use iSync to synchronize that to the phone, but true synchronization for calendar between Entourage and phones isn't possible using iSync.

Optional: Import Entourage calendar data into iCal (but make sure you've updated to iCal 1.0.2 first). Launch iCal, and then go to File -> Import. Choose "Import Entourage Data", and then click the "Import" button. When you see all of your data imported, it's then time to synchronize with the phone.

Now synchronize the System Address Book (and iCal, if you wish) with the phone via iSync.