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  1. Notifications Window size
  2. Receive alerts when Entourage is not running
  3. Turn off Office Notifications before Retrospect backup
  4. Notifications crashed when Dock is turned off

1) Is there a way to make the Office Notifications Window automatically expand to show all the current items? For the longest time it only showed one, then I noticed it would auto-size to show all. Now it's back to making me scroll or resize the window if I have more than a couple of items. I can't figure out what changed and how to set this.

The reason it no longer auto expands is because you resized it.

Office Notifications is smart and remembers if you've manually resized it. If you have, it says "Oh, I'd better not resize myself."

The solution is to click on the maximize button and let it resize itself.

2) Is there any way to get alerts (e.g., upcoming appointments) in the Finder or other apps when Entourage is NOT running?

Entourage X and 2004: The Microsoft Database daemon (look in System Preferences: Login) takes care of this.

If you launch Office Notifications (located in Microsoft Office X or 2004/Office) and choose the Turn Off Notifications option, that will prevent it from appearing in Login items pref and you will not get the notifications.

Entourage 2001: Entourage must be open for notifications to work but, if you download Microsoft's QuickView, it is. It allows the user to receive calendar notifications without an Office app running.

More info is available here:

3) Is it necessary to turn off Office Notifications before running a Retrospect backup?

As a general rule you should shut down all programs (including Office Notifications) before any backups. However, users have reported that as long as the database is not being used during backup there is no problem.

4) Notifications crashed when Dock is turned off.

If you have turned off your Dock, Notifications will crash. Put the dock back so that it starts at login.