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FAQs: Print

  1. Print Address Book for Franklin Planner
  2. Print Address Book for Day Runner
  3. Print Name and Phone Number
  4. Reduce margins when printing Calendar
  5. Print Calendar in landscape format
  6. Print Calendar in Weekly or Daily View
  7. Print all months
  8. Tasks not printed
  9. Print the current month prints previous, current, and next
  10. Yellow tint appears when printing to an HP Color LaserJet printer
  11. Print messages with attachments
  12. Print labels from address book
  13. Entourage crashes when I try to print
  14. Print *incomplete* tasks
  15. Printing Email Group Addresses
  16. Print to PDF prints title as ‘Mail’
  17. Shrink the font on my Entourage calendar when printing
  18. Quits unexpectedly when printing PDF
  19. E-mails printing in an unusually large font.

For more help see Can't Print At All

Print Basics:

Go to File: Page Setup

  1. Make sure you have a printer selected in the Format for popup.
  2. Make sure Scale is set to 100%.

    Even if these setting are correct. Delete and re-enter.

  3. Try quitting Classic and see if the problem goes away (and only effects USB printers).

1) Is there a way to print my Address Book for my Franklin Planner?

Yes, Take a look at Address Book List X.

2) Is there a way to create Printable Pages of my address book that will fit into one of the standard Day Runner loose leafs?

Entourage will print out your address book in Day-Runner format. So will Palm Desktop. You don't need a Palm handheld to use Palm Desktop, and it's free.

3) I want to print up name and phone number lists from my address-book in Entourage. Aren't there easy shortcut ways to do database type stuff with this software?

Try the script, Address Book List X at Macscripter.net.

4) How can I reduce the margins on the printout when printing the calendar so all events are visible on the printout?

Directions for Entourage X and 2004: From the calendar view, hit the print command. In the dialog that follows, choose the layout you want from the drop down menu, then hit the 'edit' button. This will give you the option to change margins.

Directions for Entourage 2001: From the calendar view, hit the print command. In the dialog that follows, click on the "Edit form" button. This will give you the option to change margins.

5) In Entourage X, how do you print the calendar in landscape format?

Try this:

  1. Select Print...
  2. Click on the Edit... Button
  3. Click the Page Setup button and select a landscape mode
  4. Back in the Edit Form window, change the Form Dimensions to be appropriate for landscape printing. I.e., the default is for a width of 7.5 inches, and a height of 0 inches. Make these 0 inches for width, and 7.5 inches for height.
  5. After clicking OK in the Edit Form dialog, the page size will probably be changed to something you really don't want; select the standard page size.

6) How do you print the calendar in weekly or daily view? I get almost nothing printed.

Printing of the Calendar using the onscreen views is not very good in Entourage, not even in monthly views. But you get full details, very clearly presented using List View. In Entourage 200, this works well just for month views. In Entourage X, go to the view (Monthly, weekly, daily) you want, then switch to List in the Calendar menu. Print now.

7) Is there a way to print say all the monthly (March, April, May, etc.) calendars for 2004? I am only having luck printing the current month's calendar.

Yes, with the calendar displayed, select 'Print'

The next page displayed will offer you (at top left hand corner) a selector for calendar style (select 'monthly'), then two entry boxes for start date & end date.

8) When I print any calendar view with 'tasks' selected in layout in Entourage X, I get a column labeled tasks with nothing in it.

Get the script Print Tasks List X for a fully-customizable set of printed tasks, including just today's, just incomplete, etc.

9) Every time I try to print the current month I get three months: previous, current, and next. What am I doing wrong?

Specify the dates such that it is only within one month. When you go to print from the month view, the default range is all the dates on the calendar, including the last few of the previous month (assuming it didn't end on a Sunday) and the first few of the next month. Chances are you are including 3 months in your date range and getting three pages (even if it only the last or first day or two of a month, the whole month is printed.

10) How come a yellow tint appears when printing to an HP Color LaserJet printer?

It's because you're using an outdated PPD. You can get the latest printer description files and drivers from Hewlett Packard.

11) How can I configure Entourage to print messages with an attachments list at the bottom if necessary?

Get Paul Berkowitz's free Print Message w/Attach script.

That will include the filename of the attachments below the printed e-mail to signify that attachments are present in the e-mail.

12) I would like to print labels from my address book in Entourage. Does any one know how I do this.

You can do it from within MS Word. In Word, select Project Gallery from the File menu. In the Gallery there is an entry named Labels. It will open a label wizard from where you can choose a format and also select the data source. There is an option for choosing the Office Address Book.

13) Entourage crashes when I try to print some messages. What do I do.

Sometimes this is an indication of database corruption, but first check the list or recipients. If the list is long, then leave the 'truncate' button unchecked.

14) I tried printing the calendar (week view) and it printed out all of the tasks I had, *including the completed ones*. Now I know I can turn off task printing completely in the Layout window of the Print dialog, but is there a way I can have it only print the *incomplete* tasks along with my Calendar?

Turn off printing tasks with calendar, print calendar, then go to Tasks List, View/Incomplete Tasks, and Print.

15) Printing Email Group Addresses

The essential trick is to NOT open the group into its own window. Counter-intuitive, but true.

Just select the group entry in the Address Book and drag it to any text window (Entourage note or message, Word doc, TextEdit doc, etc.). Or Excel sheet (top left cell).

That creates a list of name <address> with each entry on a separate line. If you'd prefer to have a comma-delimited list instead, select and Copy the group entry and Paste into a text window.

16) In Apple Mail, when I select "Save As PDF" in the Print window of a message, the filename is the subject of the message. When I perform the same operation in Entourage, the filename of the saved file is "Mail." Not at all helpful.

If you select the message from a mail folder without opening it, it defaults to a filename of "Mail." Printing to PDF from an open message saves with the message name, as you would like.

17) I can't find a way to shrink the font on my Entourage calendar when I print it. I've tried changing it in Gen Preferences, but when it prints, the font is still too big to fit all the events into a calendar day which are shown on the computer. I'd just like it to print exactly as shown on the screen.

You won't change the font in General Preferences to change the font in your calendar print-outs. In the Print dialog you'll find a Layout... button that will allow you to adjust the font and size of the Labels and Content.

18) Quits unexpectedly when printing PDF.

Remove the folder PPD Plugins from the Printers folder in the Library folder.

19) E-mails printing in an unusually large font.

User Workarounds

Option 1: The workaround I have applied in my organization is to go to File/Page Setup and change the scale from 100% to 75%. You will only need to do this once.

Option 2: Copy the e-mail into a "text editor" to select font and size.

Select All. Copy the text in the email and paste it into a text editor like the default application, TextEdit or Microsoft Word. If you need more details, under Message in the Menu bar select "Source." copy source and print.