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Progress Window

  1. Appear automatically on Send & Receive
  2. Set Progress Window to minimize or not display

1) The progress window pops up if I type Command-7. I want the window to appear automatically as I press Send & Receive. The window disappears again automatically when the process is finished.

Once the Progress window is open it will pop to the front each time you send or receive. Just don't close the window when you are done looking at it. Instead, click in another window and let the Progress Window go behind it, but stay open.

2) Where can I set the preference to keep the Progress window either minimized or prevent it from displaying.

In Entourage, bring the Progress window to the front, then close the Progress window (via menu command or button in its title bar). It shouldn't appear when next you send and receive (either manually or by schedule). It's when the progress window is open but behind your other Entourage windows that it pops to the front on checking mail.