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Project Center

Learn about the Project Center:

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Project Center User Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Share project data between 2 computers
  2. Archive Projects when complete
  3. Associate emails with Projects
  4. Are emails copied to Project folder?
  5. Adding files to Project. (Watch Folder)
  6. Aliases in Watch folder *don't* show up under Files tab
  7. Workaround for sharing mail in a Project
  8. Watch Folders
  9. Slow typing input in the Project Center


  1. The same email can have multiple Projects.
  2. You can move the email and it will still be intact for that Project.
  3. If you move an email to the Trash it no longer appears for a Project.
  4. If an email is in the Trash when you assign a Project (not that you'd do that) it will not appear, but if you move it out of the trash it will.
  5. Projects do not store a copy of the email.
  6. Certain types of items in a project, such as e-mail messages, Scrapbook clips, and Address Book groups cannot be shared.

1) I'm interested in sharing project data between two computers, both mine. Is there a way to sync them?

Yes, go to project center. Then click on FILE, then click on SHARE A PROJECT.

2) Is there a way to archive projects once completed, to get them out of the Main Project window but not delete them?

File: Export, or click the Backup button on the Overview pane of the project. Both do the same thing.

Note: If you want to import the archived project, your tasks and events are not linked to the project when restored.

A possible workaround would be to duplicate the Identity and rename the new identity as "Project xxx".

If you want to leave the Project in your current Identity, try clicking "Properties" button when you complete a project and turning off Due Date. That will stop the annoying "Overdue" count, and also means that if you click on the Due Date column all the "None" items (meaning "Completed) will be at the top where they can be ignored.

3) I'm wondering what to do with emails that come into ones InBox that need to be associated with a Project. I read them, realize that they need to be associated with an existing Project, and then right click and get it assigned to that Project. But then what does one do with that email? I don't think the Project Center makes a copy of the email, and places it in a folder somewhere. So, currently, I'm thinking that the best way is to create a folder, called Projects, and the subfolders for each Project, and then manually drag each email into its assigned Project folder.

When you set up a project, you have the opportunity to create an associated mail folder. Usually it gets created at the top level, although I think your idea of a Projects folder with subfolders is a good one.

You could use a script to both assign a message to a project and move it to the project folder. View Script

4) If I mark a message as belonging to a previously-defined project while it's in my InBox, and then delete the message from my InBox, is a copy of the message stored in the specific project's sub-folder in the "Projects" folder?

No. The project assignment simply assigns a 'label' to the mail to say that it belongs to that particular project no copies are made.

5) Is there anyway (AppleScripting aside) to ensure that any file added to a folder called e.g. Blob gets added to the Files section of the Blob project in the Project Centre? It would be solved of course if Project Centre would allow me to select folders under the "Add" button, but it appears not to want to.

Yes. Don't click the "Add" button. Click the "Properties" button in the Overview tab of the Blob project. Now click the "Add" tab there.

That shows you two Watch folders which are made by default when you first create the project with the help of the assistant.<

The first Watch folder is the type you're asking about. By default it was made here: ~/Documents/Office Projects/Blob/.

It should be there already: it's not optional. At the time of project creation you could also choose to have an alias to it on your desktop, and to locate it elsewhere if you prefer. Afterwards. like now, you can still click on "Choose" so set a different location for a Watch folder. You'll have to make your own alias (opt-cmd-drag) on the desktop from the real location in the Finder if you want one now.

You can either put original documents _or an alias into your Watch folder (or its alias). They will immediately appear in the Project and be available to all sharers. Or if you click Add button in the Project itself and choose File, the file you choose in the dialog will not only get added to the project but an alias will get added to the Watch folder.

In fact, when you find your Blob Watch folder which I'm sure must exist in ~/Documents/Office Projects/, you should find aliases to all your project files there already.

The second Watch Folder is an Entourage mail folder. This one is optional and you may not have asked for one at project creation (although it's selected by default so you probably did). If not, you can create or select one now by checking "Entourage" in that Add panel of properties. Email messages from contact members of your project will get added there, and to your project, automatically if you so choose, or you can drag or copy email messages there to join the project.

6) I add aliases to the Watch folder and they don't show up under the Files tab. The only way I'm able to get files to display under the Files tab is to use the Add button.

When you add an alias to your Watch folder it appears in the Files tab of the Project. It does not appear in the Shared Files on the server unless you select it and click the Share button, at which point the original is moved to the server (iDisk/Sites/Projects/This Project/Files).To share the file it has to be on the server (via Share) but just to be in the Project (unshared) it doesn't.

Entourage won't list alias files that have a broken link to the original file, or if the alias is to a folder and not a file.

7) Can I move an email associated with a Project, and it will still be intact for that Project.

Yes. Mail in the watch folders will appear in the project whether or not they actually have the project assigned to the individual messages. Message with the project assigned will appear in the project whether or not they are in the watch folder.

8) Can Mail be shared in a Project?

No. Mail cannot be shared.

From Entourage Help:

About sharing projects At the time you create a project and later on, as you maintain the information in the project, you can choose sharing options both for the project file and for the items in the project. Certain types of items in a project, such as e-mail messages, Scrapbook clips, and Address Book groups cannot be shared.

7) Is there a workaround for sharing mail in a Project?

Drag the message to your Finder Watch Folder or the alias on your desktop. That adds the message as an .eml file to the shared project for everyone. Project members just have to double-click the .eml to read it as an email message. As a file, it would not have the Project yet as part of the message: if the reader added that from the toolbar, it would be listed as an email message, as well as a file, in their project. Even if they don't, it would still be available in the project as an .eml file.

8) What do the "watch folders" buttons at the lower right of a project window do?

They open the Entourage folder and the Finder folder for this project. These can be set in the project properties dialog.

9)Has anyone else noticed any slow typing input in the Project Center? Put your cursor in the "Notes to Self," and start typing. In mine, it types very slow. It stores them in an apparent buffer, and they eventually all show up in there.

Yes, it is a bit annoying. The other option is to click the "Properties" button and use the Notes to Self field there, which doesn't have the delay.

As always, you should report this problem to Microsoft if you feel that it inhibits your productivity and the usefulness of the Project Center as a whole to you.

To send Feedback:

  1. Best option is to report this on the Entourage News Group. MS monitors the newsgoup for feedback.
  2. In Entourage X or 2004, go to Help -> Send Feedback on Entourage. Otherwise, click on this direct link to enter Mac Product Feedback: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/feedback/suggestion.asp