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  1. Auto reply a.k.a. Out of Office, Vacation reply
  2. Switch my reply/signature placement in a message
  3. Change mail list reply
  4. Set a Reply address different than the address I send from
  5. Switching reply from "sender" to "Reply to all"
  6. Why is top posting frowned upon on a list?
  7. List Mail: reply to sender
  8. Reply-All does not include my own email address

1) How do setup autoreply for any incoming mails indicating that I'm out of town? Say, I'm on vacation?

OOF now available in Entourage 2008.

Set up a rule with an action of 'Reply' and put your text into the box that will be put up on the screen.

See Example: Configure a Custom Rule in Microsoft Entourage

But, PLEASE make sure your reply does not get sent to any mailing lists as a mail loop can result and make you very unpopular!

See Rule 3 for more info.

2) How do I switch my reply/signature placement in a message?

Entourage 2004, Entourage X

There are several options in Entourage allowing you to customize your reply format. By default, your reply and signature will both appear at the bottom. Set Preferences under Reply & Forward tab.

Suggested setting: Leave Entourage set to default setting. Use script by Paul Berkowitz "Reply Insertion Reversed". (Script ID: 301) Download here. Now you can easily toggle between reply on top or below quoted text. Assign a shortcut to the script for even easier use.

Entourage 2004

Note: For lists and newsgroups, posting on top mixed with bottom posting can make following a thread confusing especially when there are several posts to the message.

Entourage X

  1. If you want your insertion point below the quoted text and your default signature below that, select "Use internet-style attribution lines" without checking the box below.
  2. If you wish for your reply to be on top but your default signature to remain on the bottom, select 'Use Internet-style attribution lines' with 'Place insertion point before quoted text' checked.
  3. If you want your cursor to appear on top and your signature below that (but before the quoted text), select "Use short header-style attribution lines". In Entourage 2001, you can still achieve the same effect using internet-style attribution lines. Download the Reply Insertion Above AppleScript.

3) When I reply to my mail list, it goes to the individual and not the list. How do I fix this?

Open the MLM rule and select the Advanced tab. If the list reply behavior is not the standard reply to list you can correct here:

More info

4) How can I set a Reply address different than the address I send from?

  • Go to Tools -> Accounts.
  • Under the Mail tab, edit the mail account you want to send from.
  • Click the Options tab.
  • Under "Additional Headers", add in a new header: Reply-to
  • Under Value, enter the e-mail address you want recipients to reply to.
  • Note that this will only be the suggested return address - senders can still choose to contact you from your sending address - for example in Entourage, the Reply command will reply to the default reply address, but the Reply to Sender command will reply to the sending address regardless of whether a Reply-to header is present.

5) Switching reply from "sender" to "Reply to all"

When you are replying to a message sent to several people, often you want to copy the reply to everyone. Sometimes, out of habit, you may type Cmd-R or just click the "Reply" button. A reply opens addressed just to the sender, and you write your reply. When you are ready to send, you realize that the message is addressed only to one person. What to do?

Entourage anticipated your need. Look at the top of the message, and you will see this:

  • Just click the "Reply to all" link, and Entourage will pull in all the original recipients, including cc's, of the original message!
  • Conversely, if you have clicked "Reply to all" to begin with, Entourage offers you the choice of switching back to "Reply to Sender" only:

6) Why is top posting frowned upon on a list?

This is best explained by this example:

7) When I "reply to sender" should I still see it posted on the list? I thought it would be read only by the poster.

That depends on how the mailing list is set up, and on the settings in Mailing List Manager (if you are using that to handle mail from that list). MLM has settings to over-ride the default list behaviour.

8) When I hit Reply-All, my own email address does not get included in either the TO or CC list. This is regardless of if I was in the TO list or the CC list of the original message.

Try Paul Berkowitz's free script "Add BCC or CC" at MacScripter.net.

It's advertised as for Entourage 2001 but it should work with X and 2004 too. (Put it in the Entourage Script Menu Items folder in the Microsoft User Data folder in the Documents of your _user_ folder, however.) And get the "OS X" version of Jon's Commands X at http://osaxen.com/ , and put _it_ in a ScriptingAdditions (note: NO SPACE!) folder you have to make in the Library folder of your user folder.