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FAQs: Rules

  1. Save a sent message to a different folder
  2. Test for a corrupt rule
  3. Backup rules
  4. Limit on criteria
  5. Vacation (out of office) rule
  6. Organize multiple accounts
  7. Rule to move emails to "Folders on My Computer" returns a "not read" to sender
  8. Create a view for all Inboxes

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1) How do I save a sent message to a different folder?

See Rule #7 on the Rules page for an example of how to do this.

2) How do I test for a corrupt rule?

Testing for a corrupt rule is not simple.

  1. Open Tools-> Rules
  2. Uncheck each rule to disable

Once you determine that Rules is the cause of your problems you will need to test for the corrupt Rules(s)

3) How do I backup my rules?

Currently there is no way to backup your rules. I suggest taking screen shots of your rules so you will have a record.

You can copy over the Rules file to another identity. Folders and other criteria might have to be reset though. The rules file can be found in your Identity folder.

Entourage X, 2004 2008 :

~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office X Identities/your identity

Entourage 2001:

<Startup Disk>:Documents/Microsoft User Data: Office 2001 Identities:your identity

4) Is there any practical upper limit to the number of criteria you can define in a single rule? I seem to recall hearing that above 10 criteria is a problem. Is that true? Is there a point at which one should stop adding criteria, and instead create additional rules?

That bug was in the original release of Entourage 2001. It was fixed in the SR 1 for 2001, and the bug does not exist in Entourage X.

In general, it's probably faster and more efficient to have all the criteria in one rule, when possible, rather than in separate rules.

5) How do I create a rule so that any incoming mails will be replied to the sender indicating that I'm out of town? Say, I'm on vacation?

OOF is now included in Entourage 2008.

It's not a task you want, but a mail rule. Set up a rule with an action of 'Reply' and put your text into the box that will be put up on the screen.

But, PLEASE make sure your reply does not get sent to any mailing lists as a mail loop can result and make you very unpopular!

See example rule Out of Office

More info on using Out of Office replies. [IMPORTANT]

6) Organize your mail.....How can I have Entourage deliver to different Inboxes for each different POP e-mail account?

IMAP and Exchange Accounts have their own Inboxes, but POP accounts all go the "On My Computer" folders. You can user Rules to sort mail by Account. Suggestion: It might be less confusing to name the folder for the name of the account rather than Inbox 1 etc.


From Account xxx

Move to folder xxx

More on InBox

7) Rule to Move emails to "Folders on My Computer" returns a "not read" to sender

If this is IMAP or Exchange, this is likely due to a server-side setting... the server is configured to notify a sender if a person read the message or not. If they delete the message (a move is a copy and delete), then it triggers a not read.

8) Create a view for all Inboxes

If you want to view all of your mail from several accounts in one Inbox, you can create a new Custom View that will show you all your inboxes in one view. More info on using Custom Views

Search: All Messages

Match if any criteria are met:

Folder is Inbox account A
Folder is Inbox account B

Example of Saved Search - Be sure to select Everything in top bar

Save as "All Inboxes". You will be able to find it under Mail Views in the folder list.