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  1. Switch reply/signature placement in a message
  2. Automatically delete signature in replies
  3. Set the font size for signatures
  4. Use Signatures as a Template
  5. Grab info from a sig for Address Book

Steal a Sig v3.0 is an AppleScript for Microsoft Entourage that will allow the quick and easy creation of signatures to be added to your Signatures file. It will take text from various sources, and compile it into a form understood by Entourage and will insert it into the signatures file.

2) Automatically delete signature in replies.

If you put --<space><return> then anything below that is automatically excluded in a reply.

For example:


Your name

Signatures created in Entourage already have this option included. You can also use this method if you an auto insert shortcut like SpellCatcherX or TypeIt4Me to add your signature.

3) How can I set the font size for signatures?

Go to Tools -> Signatures, and open the signature. Click the button to turn on HTML formatting (or go to Format -> HTML).

You can then select text (all if you like) and set a font size using the toolbar menu or the Format -> Font Size command.

Note that this will only appear if the message being composed with this signature is in HTML format.