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Understanding Sleep and Entourage

Thread on the Entourage Talk List

(edited for clarity)

Entourage keeps my G5 from going to deep sleep. The display has no trouble sleeping, the deeper system sleep will not happen unless Entourage is quit or I put it in offline mode.

Is there some setting I can change like the "wake for network access" or something that would allow a normal sleep out of my machine?

Also, is this a bug or expected behavior?

Do you have schedules set that periodically checks for new mail?

I have schedules set to check every 2 minutes. The thing that is confusing to me, is the criteria for display and computer sleep are the same, so you would think they would both behave the same in Entourage.

But they are not the same. Display Sleep shuts down just the display. All background activities and programs, including Entourage are still working. Computer Sleep shuts down the CPU. Stopping (with the exception of CRON and a few other items I'm still learning about) all CPU activities.

For example, "Put the display to sleep when the computer is inactive for 2 minutes", this setting has no trouble be honored, Entourage still checks my email every 2 minutes, and the computer will go black on the screen in 2 minutes as long as the mouse or keyboard are not used. The display sleep does not care in the slightest what Entourage is up to. It does not count checking email every 2 minutes as "in use".

Yes, as there are no keyboard or mouse activities and Entourage is happily working away in the background the display is put to sleep. You will even get your new mail sounds when mail arrives.

This is not true for "computer sleep", which is where my confusion comes in.

Entourage is keeping the CPU active, collecting E-mail every two minutes.

I don't supposed there is a solution to this, I just have to remember to quit Entourage when I leave it for a extended period of time.

How about multiple schedules?

If there are periods where you know you will be at the computer and you have to be constantly checking your mail, go ahead and have a two minute schedule. If there are other times where you may be away from your desk and don't need the two minute interval have a schedule with a longer period that allows the computer to sleep if you are away. (I use two schedules, one for the week and another for the weekend.)

However, remember, Entourage will not check for mail when the computer is asleep. So if you want to be notified immediately when mail is on the server let the Mac stay awake and just allow the display to sleep. No harm done by letting the CPU work all the time. If you are worried about security set your screen saver to activate a few minutes before allowing the display to sleep. (Just in case the system doesn't need a password to wake a sleeping display.)