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Personalize e-mail messages with signatures and backgrounds

Give your Entourage e-mail messages a distinctive look with new backgrounds and customizable signatures. Add color and texture with the backgrounds and include contact information or a special message with your signature. Check out the selections on Mactopia.

How do you create a template in Entourage?

Save a Draft message, then duplicate it (cmd-D) when needed.

Click on Tools > Signatures and create a new signature for every boilerplate text that you want to use. You can even make them in HTML if you wish.

You can label them with a group prefix to separate them from email signatures:

  • Stationery - What we do
  • Stationery - General information
  • Stationery - etc.

When you want to reply with boilerplate response, just click Reply and then drop down to the stationery you want from the Signature menu and send.

Check out these scripts on Macscripter.net that create templates:

"Message Template" script by Paul Berkowitz

This script lets you save a template, including one in Rich Text HTML, for personalized, styled and formatted messages complete with signature and whatever else you want, which can be opened by a keyboard shortcut command-control-N or from the Scripts menu, without having to hunt around for it. Note: It does not facilitate complex HTML templates with pictures, patterns or graphics. Download

"Insert Notes" By: Barry Wainwright

Allows for easy use of standardised 'Boiler Plate' text to be inserted into mail or news messages. The standard text is stored in Entourage Notes which must be assigned a category of 'Stationery'. When the script is run a dialog is presented which allows the user to select one (or several) of these notes and the text is then inserted into the current draft message. If no draft is open, a new mail message is created with the contents of the selected notes.Download

"Open Template" by Bryan Harris

Presents a list of templates stored in a folder called "TEMPLATES", and then opens a new message based on the selected template. Very easy to use, can be assigned a keyboard shortcut. You first create a new Folder, called "Templates" on the root level of your Folders. In it, you can place any plain or formatted emails that you might want to use over and over, as boilerplate texts.

By running the script, it brings up a little separate window that lists, numerically, each of the emails templates that you have placed in your Templates folder. You select the one you want, click OK, and there you have it. Use it for customer orders, responses to commonly-asked questions, etc.

NOTE: its only glitch is that it doesn't remember which "From" email used. It always reverts to the default email address. Download


If you have lots of signatures, move them instantly to the top or bottom by prefixing the signature name with either a space for the top or a ~ for the bottom.