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  1. Date stamp a note
  2. Times are off for mail and calendar events
  3. Deal with changing time zones
  4. Create event with different time zone
  5. Missing a Time Zone
  6. Change from the 24 hour clock to the 12 hour am/pm?
  7. Entourage broken time zone support with Sync Services when installed on case-sensitive filesystem.
  8. Date bug in Entourage 2008 causes birthday information loss
  9. Correct Time displays in Entourage calendar by adjusting the correct System Preferences

Changes to Daylight Savings Time in 2007 creates problems for many Mac users. See Is your Mac ready for Daylight Saving Time?

Official time can be found at the U.S. Time Service within the U.S. or the World Time Server for non-domestic locations.

Be sure to check out the Mactopia article Get a handle on time zones

1) How can I date stamp a note?

  1. You have to have the note open in its window.
  2. Click in the text area of the note, to get the focus there. It also enables the toolbar _just above_ the text area. Now the toolbar is not dimmed.
  3. Now click on the clock icon in the toolbar, at the far right.

2) Times are always off in mail messages and/or calendar events. How can this be fixed?

First, go to the Date & Time preferences, located in:

OS X System Preferences: Date & Time

OS 9 Control Panels -> Date & Time

First, check to make sure the city listed is in the same time zone as your computer. If not, change it to a city that is. You may notice that the time has changed accordingly. Change it back to the local time. Official time can be found at the U.S. Time Service within the U.S. or the World Time Server for non-domestic locations. There is also information there on syncing your computer clock to their time server, to always keep your clock accurate to the official time.

Now, if you have Entourage 2001, you are done. In Entourage X, go back into Entourage and go to Entourage -> General Preferences. Under the Calendar tab, choose the correct time zone.

3) Is there any "right" way to deal with changing time zones in Entourage?

There are three ways you can correctly handle time zone changes in Entourage X and 2004:

  • Leave everything alone and live with the system's time not jiving with your current location
  • Adjust the time zone in Date & Time and change the _default_ time zone for new calendar events in Entourage's prefs
  • Adjust the time zone in Date & Time and manually specify the time zone of the event on a per-event basis

(user's comments) I prefer the last option. In case you weren't aware of this functionality, you can assign a time zone to any event. With the event window open click on the Options button at the far right-end of the window's toolbar and pick a time zone from the Time Zone menu. Alternatively you can choose the time zone from an appropriately named item in the "Event" menu which appears when you have a calendar even window front most.

Comes in very handy when, for example, you're in Los Angeles trying to schedule an event that will be occurring in Rome. Instead of trying to add nine hours to the time of the event so that you enter it correctly in the event window, just enter the time local to Rome and then set the event's time zone to "Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna".

4) How do you create an event with a different time zone?

You do this from the "Time Zone" sub menu of the Event menu when creating an event.

Be sure to check out the Mactopia article Get a handle on time zones

5) I do not have the option of setting up new events in Entourage with the eastern time zone of the USA listed. I only have Pacific, Mountain & Central.

Insert the Office 2004 CD into your computer, and drag the file "Time zones," in Microsoft Office 2004 CD/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/ to HD/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/

Choose to replace the existing when you are prompted, re-launch Entourage, and all of the time zones should become available.

6) How do I change from the 24 hour clock to the 12 hour am/pm? I have all Preferences set for 12 hour but still the emails are 24 hours.

To have Entourage use 12-hour time, open System Preferences, and then open International Preferences. Click the "Formats" tab. Under "Times", click the "Customize" button. The first number that appears is probably the hour. Click on it, and then select "1-12". Then, drag the blue AM/PM indicator to the end of the text field. Click OK and then quit System Preferences. When you relaunch Entourage, you should see that it is now using 12-hour time.

When you click on the Customize... button you'll see a drop-down menu for Short, Medium, Long and Full time formats. I believe the time format in the appointment area for Entourage uses the Short format.

Note for French Canadian standards (24h) you will need to select a location in the States to show am/pm.