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Entourage 2004 comes with these default folders. You cannot delete these.

Default folders

You can create new folders:

Contextual menu Command-click on a folder.


Create Sub folders in the Inbox

Tip: Create a folder for keeping subscription info for your lists. No more having to ask for unsubscribe info.

Color your folders by category.

Control click on folder:

Tip: Folders can be dragged. If you have a main folder that you later want to make a subfolder, just drag it onto the root folder. Rules automatically update to the correct folder.

Tip: If you are subscribed to several talk list, I suggest you create a root folder named, for example, Talk Lists. Then create subfolders for each list. Use a Rule to move messages to the correct folder.

Column View


Tip: Any subfolders you make will have the same column set-up as its parent. For example, set Inbox. When you create subfolders, they will inherit the same settings.