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Learn about Shortcuts: Learning Entourage shortcuts can make using the application much easier. You can find shortcuts listed in the menu option or check Entourage Help.

Customize Entourage with Keyboard Maestro

Use Keyboard Maestro to create shortcuts for Entourage Menu Items. Newly released KM v3 includes a record function. April, 2008

Download Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is a versatile application that can be used to create shortcuts in all your applications, but this tutorial is going to focus on using Keyboard Maestro to create shortcuts for menu items in Entourage that do not have an assigned shortcut.

When Keyboard Maestro is launched, you will see this window:

To create a new Macro Group for Entourage, click tab New Macro Group

In this tutorial, I have named the group "Entourage Keyboard Shortcuts". This group will be for Entourage only. Select "Only These Applications" from the menu.

Select "Add application" and navigate to Entourage.

Name your Group "Entourage Menu Keyboard Shortcuts".


When you create a group for a selected application it will show this setting in the Tooltip when you hover your cursor over the folder. See the yellow window below:

  1. Select the Entourage Keyboard Shortcut folder you just created.
  2. Click on "New Macro".
  3. Hold off on naming. Keyboard Maestro will automatically add a name.

For this example, I have selected to create a shortcut for Rules.

Next, we will create a New Action for selecting a Menu Item.

Choose Selected Application

Navigate to Entourage to select.

Tip: You must type the command exactly as it appears in the application menu.


Note: the Name is now entered for the shortcut.

Our next step is to create the Trigger.

I have selected to use the Option key plus a Function key for most of my Entourage shortcuts. Choose shortcuts carefully. You can read more about how to assign shortcuts in the Documentation for Keyboard Maestro.

That's it!

You have created your first keyboard shortcut for Entourage using Keyboard Maestro.

Here is a list of shortcuts I have assigned to Entourage.

Keyboard Maestro along with Interarchy is a part of the Stairway Software group.

Download these Entourage 2008 macros for easy import into Keyboard Maestro. Open and edit trigger if desired.

Macros to open these windows in Entourage

Mailing List Manager





Macro for Toggle Work Offline

Download all

Frequently Asked Questions: Shortcuts

  1. Use option key to select opposite function
  2. Non US keyboard
  3. Shortcuts list
  4. Use spacebar to view messages
  5. What shortcuts were changed for Entourage X and 2004?
  6. Why did the old keyboard shortcuts change?
  7. Paste as Quotation changes in Office 2004

See Get Started: Shortcuts for more info.

1) I see an icon to make the font larger, but what is the shortcut to make the text smaller?

Use option key to select opposite function. Option-click can be used to modify other commands in Entourage and the Finder.

2) I use a non-US keyboard. The shortcut for next window, which is command-tilde on US keyboards, is next to impossible on French or German keyboards.

If you use a non-US keyboard, "Cmd-<" is the shortcut for next window on these keyboards. In addition, shift-cmd-< cycles backwards.

3) Where are the shortcuts documented in Entourage?

Use the Assistant or Help. Type in "Keyboard shortcuts" .

4) Use spacebar to view messages.

Use the spacebar to easily go through your mail. Tap the spacebar to go to the next message, or hold down the spacebar to scroll down through a message slowly and continuously.

5) What shortcuts were changed for Entourage X and 2004?

Action: Entourage 2001 Entourage X Entourage 2004
Send Message command-K command-enter or command-return command-enter or command-return
Send Message Later option-command-K command-shift-enter command-shift-enter
Send and Receive All command-M command-K command-K
Send All command-shift-K command-shift-K (unchanged) command-shift-K (unchanged)
View unread command-Y command-shift-O command-shift-O

6) Why did the old keyboard shortcuts change?

OS X reserves two shortcut keys (command-M for Minimize, and command-Y for Redo, which Entourage X now implements) that were used by Entourage 2001 for other menu items. These shortcuts had to be re-assigned to new keys, including the most-used command (Send & Receive All) which needed a simple two-key shortcut, with no more available. So it was assigned to command-K , meaning another new (third) shortcut had to be assigned to Send Message.

7) Does anybody else find it sort of annoying that Paste as Quotation (a VERY common operation for me in email) has had its command key usurped by "Paste from Scrapbook" in Entourage '04?

Cmd-Ctrl-V is harder to type on a PowerBook than Cmd-Shift-V, and it seems like stealing a previously-assigned key for something like this is a bit of a usability snafu...

They have to use the same keyboard shortcut for "Paste from Scrapbook" in all four Office apps (or that would _really_ be a usability snafu). No matter which combo they chose at least one of the apps would have to give one up from another command. For example, Word already uses cmd-ctrl-V for "Insert Table Row".