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Message Threads

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I have been using Entourage X and Entourage 2004, and both seem not to be able to handle threads in a message. It makes it almost impossible to use them as newsgroup reader. Is there anyway to make them thread correctly?

Yes, you can get it to thread correctly with a little tweaking.

You have to make a custom arrangement by selecting View: Arrange by: edit custom arrangement, or in the 3 pane view click on Arrange by and select Edit Custom Arrangements.

Create a custom arrangement to your liking (see below for example) and then select it from the View: Arrange by menu.

It still is no match if you prefer dedicated news-reader functions, but it is an improvement over Entourage.

Note: Threads are synonymous with groups.

The following will thread by Subject, and within each subject, the oldest post will be on top, and when you first view it, all threads will be closed.

This example shows lists expanded. I use both views so I can easily toggle between views. This is especially helpful with lists that have a large number of messages. I can easily view the list of topics and select the ones that are of interest to me.