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Using Entourage

  1. Decrease Quoting
  2. Recipient limit
  3. Edit Duplicate Messages
  4. Moved Inbox
  5. Remove Filter Applied
  6. Stop Send
  7. Block a particular sender's messages
  8. Change folder name
  9. Save a sent message in a different folder
  10. Recipient limit
  11. Export message(s) as text
  12. Merge address book entries with a skeletal email to personalize
  13. Forward message with all headers
  14. Mail-to fails to open new window
  15. Read the same message on two computers
  16. See sent mail on two computers
  17. "Move to" Folder
  18. Use in a home network
  19. Double Click on a word

1) I see options to Increase and Remove Quoting in Edit -> Auto Text Cleanup. What about an option to Decrease Quoting?

  1. You can select all (command-a) and paste using command-shift-V for a single level quote.
  2. Other options would be to use a third party application like textSOAP. TextSOAP supports Entourage X with the power of AppleScript.

2) I'm trying to send out mass e-mails? What is Entourage's recipient limit?

Entourage has no limit. You should contact your mail provider to ascertain the maximum number of recipients per message and note it. You can use the free "Split Recipients" script to send a mass e-mail in separate mailings automatically:

Split Recipients for Entourage 2001

Split Recipients for Entourage X

3) How do you edit out duplicate messages?

Script options:

Delete Imported Duplicates script for Entourage 2001 or for Entourage X.

There are several scripts you can use to eliminate duplicate messages in a folder for Microsoft Entourage X and 2004. See the Duplicates Page for more info.

4) I moved my Inbox. How do I fix this?

Try dragging the Inbox to the top of the folder list and let go. If this does not fix it, then a restart usually will do the trick.

5) How do I get rid of "Filter Applied"?

You must have done a quick search using the search boxes near the top right of the window and forgotten to clear it. To the right of the search box that you type into is a little symbol that looks like the end of a pencil with an eraser. Click it and the box, as well as the filter, should clear.

Note if you select unread only, threaded, flagged etc. it will show a similar message in the same place as Filter Applied.

6) If I accidentally or prematurely hit "send now" in Entourage X, can the send be reliably aborted if I click Stop in the progress window before the progress bar is finished?

Yes, as long as it is before the progress bar reaches the end (100%). You can also use command-. (command-period) to stop the send. (Does not always work especially if you have a fast connection).

7) How can I block a particular sender's messages from downloading?

You can't, but you can set up a rule to deal with them so you never see them.

See Rule #5

8) Is it possible to change the name of a folder in Entourage?

You cannot change the name of the Entourage default folders (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items or Junk E-Mail).

For folders you've added, click on the folder once to highlight it, pause, then click on the name again. Then you can edit the name.

9) How do I save a sent message to a different folder?

See Rule 7

10) I'm trying to send out mass e-mails for the holidays? What is Entourage's recipient limit?

Entourage has no limit. You should contact your mail provider to ascertain the maximum number of recipients per message and note it. You can use the free "Split Recipients" script to send a mass e-mail in separate mailings automatically:

Split Recipients for Entourage 2001

Split Recipients for Entourage X

11) How do I export multiple messages to a word processing document?

Use one of Allen Watson's free AppleScripts:

Many to Word

Many to TextEdit

12) How I can merge address book entries with a skeletal email so that each email is personalized Dear <name>?

Entourage alone cannot perform a mail merge. Word can do so using the Entourage Address Book. Word can then use Entourage to send a series of emails. See the Word Help for the details.

13) How does one forward a message with all headers intact?

There are two ways you can send the entire headers.

  1. View -> Source, press Select All, and then Paste the contents into a new message.
  2. Easier way. Philip Kearney of SomeDude Software has produced a script called Forward with All Headers. With this, you simply select the message, press the user-defined keyboard shortcut (preset to Command-Shift-J), and a new message comes up with the entire messages and full headers already pasted in.

14) Whenever I click on an email address In Explorer that triggers the MailTo command, Explorer switches over to Entourage X as expected, but a new message window is not opened. Any ideas?

It is probably attempting to open Entourage 2001 first, failing, and switching to Entourage X In the process it loses track of the link for the new message. You need to go into Internet system control panel, click the E-mail tab, and re-select Microsoft Entourage X as your mail program. Do NOT just select it from the drop-down menu; choose "Select" and navigate to Entourage v. X explicitly. Entourage 2001 and Entourage X both show up as "Entourage" in the drop down menu.

15) How do you read the same message on two computers?

With IMAP and Hotmail accounts, all your messages are on the server and can be read by multiple copies of Entourage (and other email readers) on any computer. For POP accounts:

Keep copies of your messages on the mail server. That way, you can receive the same messages on both computers.

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Accounts.
  2. On the Mail tab, double-click the account.
  3. Click the Options tab, and then select the Leave a copy of each message on the server check box.

Or, use Online Access to access the server directly with a POP account.

  1. Go to Tools -> Accounts.
  2. On the Mail tab, open the account.
  3. Click on Options tab
  4. Select "Allow Online Access" (you will see a new icon in the Folder List for the online account).

Check out Reading the same messages on two computers Note: After you have received a message on both computers, it's a good idea to delete it from the server. Many Internet Service Providers have size restrictions on mailboxes (or a date limit, such as only mail from the last 30 days), so if you do not delete messages from the server, you might exceed your allotted mailbox size.

16) How do I have a copy of messages sent on my main machine even if the message wasn't sent from that machine?

Option 1:Get an IMAP account so that your sent folder would be accessible from anywhere.

Option 2: Create an AppleScript script that is installed in Entourage's Scripts Menu Items folder. The script is the following:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    make new draft window with properties {recipient:{recipient type:
       cc recipient, address:get address of me contact, display name:
       get display name of me contact}}
 end tell

Select this script from the script menu in Entourage whenever you wish to start a new message. It creates a new message with a cc already inserted. To make the process even more convenient, add a keyboard shortcut for triggering the script. See Add your own keyboard shortcuts to your scripts in Entourage.

In case you forget to start a new message using this script, put another script in the Script Menu Items folder that adds the cc to an existing draft message. This script is the following:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage
    if class of window 1 is draft window then
       set MyAddress to address of me contact
       if MyAddress is not in CC recipients of window 1 then           make new recipient of window 1 with properties {recipient type:
             cc recipient, address:MyAddress, display name:             get display name of me contact}
    end if
 end tell

Option 3: Use Bcc or Cc

To get your POP Sent Messages on more than one computer, you will have to BCC or CC yourself, and use a Rule on the other computer to file messages form yourself in a separate "Sent Mail from Other Computer" folder, and a Rule on the sending computer to trash them when they come back to you. A script can help do this automatically for you. Add BCC or CC script for Entourage 2001

17) One thing I really liked about Mail is ease of transferring messages from the Inbox to their respective folders/mailboxes by CM. Entourage only offers 15-20 of the most recently used boxes; after that, another window opens to redirect your mail. At that point, one might as well drag and drop to the folders. Any way to increase the number of recently folders?

No, but try this: With your messages selected, hit cmd-shift-M to open the 'move to' folder listing. Now, type the first few letters of the destination mailbox, and the selection will jump to the first mailbox with those initials. Hit enter or return to move the messages. Subfolders can be collapsed and expanded with the left & right cursor keys.

18) Use in a home network:

The following is a response to the question on the Entourage newsgroup for using Entourage in a home network environment.

From the viewpoint of someone who administers a sizable amount of Macs I would advise not using network home folders with Office for a few reasons:

1. Having a network home folder that follows the user from machine to machine is nice so long as you can restrict logins to one machine at a time. When a user logs in to multiple machines only one can have access to his preference files. The others will often error. I've seen this with Word 2004, Extensis Suitcase X1, QuarkXPress and other common Mac applications.

The same holds true for Entourage. Only one machine at a time can modify the Entourage database. The other will error. Entourage was not made to have multiple machines reading/writing to its database.

2. For "decent" functionality a good 100MB/Full network must be in place. Anything less will be a poor user experience. But even a fast network is prone to slowdowns due to network traffic.

3. Whether the user realizes it or not he's often reading from or writing to his preferences or other files. Reading and writing using a network home folder will mean delays of a few seconds, which can be frustrating after a while. Email is a prime example of constant reading and writing, especially if the Entourage database integrity check (on by default) is active.

4. Another constant activity is virus scanning. For me, antivirus software is a must in a corporate environment, it's not an option. Having multiple machines scanning files as they are saved to their user home directories would cause a lot of network and server disk activity. Users by default like to save email attachments to their Desktops. This makes finding the attachments easy. Combine the traffic of receiving an email attachment (stored in Entourage's database on the network home folder), saving to the Desktop (again across the network) and then antivirus software scanning as the file is saved (scanning across the network) and you're now getting a lot of network traffic and user slowdown.

This isn't an all-inclusive list of my problems with network home folders but it should clearly indicate that I don't recommend using Entourage with them.

Hope this helps! bill
-- William M. Smith (Microsoft Interop MVP - Mac/Windows)

19) Double-Click a word. When I double-click a word to bold or underline, the space after it gets selected as well. Except for Word, no other program on the Mac does this! How do I get double-click to select just the word like every other program on Mac?

Command + click the word. Not as nice as being able to double-click but you'll get the results you're after.