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Use Word with Entourage

  1. Grab Company and Dept. with Name
  2. Create a new letter in Word addressed to a contact in my Entourage Address Book
  3. Copy/paste adds two additional lines
  4. Mail Merge
  5. Incorporate the grammar portion of Word's spelling and grammar checker into Entourage
  6. Strikethrough, strike-through or strikeout

1) I want to quickly copy someone's mailing address into another document. As far as I know, this is done by using the popup menu next to the Street address field, and then selecting "Copy name and address...". This does not grab the text for Company and Department, which is usually part of the address.

Option 1: Turn Preview Pane on for the Address Book (command+\). Find your contact, and the preview pane will show you a summary of all the info in the contact record. Hold the shift key down and select all of the items you want to copy to the clipboard.

Option 2: Here's something that Word does better than Entourage. If you display the Contact toolbar in Word (View/Toolbars/Contact) and enter a contact's name there (or even just start typing a contact's name in a document and click return when its name appears in a tooltip), then click Include Address in the Contact Toolbar, the business address does include the company (not available for Office 2001).

More info: In Word, You only get the first 100 in that list from the Contact menu. But there's usually no need to see the list at all. Just start typing in the contact's name and you'll get a small auto-complete list just like you do in an Entourage email message addressee field (but it has only contacts, no Most-Recently-used additions). If you really want to see your list of contacts, just go to the Tools menu in Word / Office Address Book. You get the same Address Book as in Entourage and can just select a contact that way. At the bottom left of the Address Book is a popup for Default/Work/Home addresses. If you pick Work (or the Default is Work) and Insert, again you'll get the Company as part of the address.

2) How do I create a new letter in Word addressed to a contact in my Entourage Address Book?

There are three methods:

1) Letter Wizard: Open Word, and then go to Tools -> Letter Wizard. Click the "Recipient" tab, and then click the Address Book icon to choose a recipient. Do the same thing in the Sender tab, except choose your personal contact from the Address Book. You can then adjust settings in the other panes until you are done, at which point you can click OK to begin typing in the letter.

NOTE: A bug in Word 2001 prevents the Letter Wizard from inserting the selected contact information into the document, so use method #2 or #3.

2) Contact Toolbar: Open Word and display the Contact Toolbar (View>Toolbars). Click on the small arrow at the far right side of the toolbar to show more menu buttons and then click on Address Book, which will open. Find the contact you want (use the Quick Search filter), select the contact and click Insert Address.

Alternately, you can select the contact's name from the Contacts menu at the left side of the Contact Toolbar. That will insert the name of the contact. Select the name and Include Address, Include E-mail and Include Phone will activate (if data has been entered in any of those fields). Click on whichever you want and it will be inserted after the contact's name in the document.

[ The advantage to using the Contact Toolbar is that you can also use it for email addresses and phone numbers. The disadvantage is that you do not have the other formatting options provided by the Letter Wizard.

3) Script: Use Paul Berkowitz's free Address Word Letter script.


3) When I copy & paste text from a Word X document into a new message, Entourage adds two additional lines between paragraphs. Am I missing a setting?


After copying from Word, instead of simply pasting into your message, go to the Edit menu in Entourage and select Paste Special->Paste as Plain Text (or use the shortcut, Cmd-Option-V). This will lose any formatting such as italic or bold, but if the text is all straight text, it works like a charm.


In Word, set "Paragraph Space After" to the same point size as your font instead of using carriage returns after paragraphs. This is the customary method used by professional document writers and you can make it the default in your Normal Template (or any other template) and in your Normal Style (or any other style) if you wish. To create the default in the Normal Style of your Normal Template on which all new documents you open are based (unless you specify otherwise):

Open a new Word document and go to:


In "Spacing," set Paragraph Space After to the same point size as your text. Press OK/OK/Close. If asked, save changes to your Normal Template when quitting Word.

Word will now put a space below each paragraph every time you press Return or Enter. You do not press Return twice as in more primitive text editors (or Entourage). Just once. If you ever want a new line without the space (for a list, for example), press space-Return.

Now you'll find that you can copy and paste from Word into Entourage without the extra spaces and, in HTML messages, all your formatting will be preserved.

4) How I can merge address book entries with a skeletal email so that each email is personalized "Dear <name>"?

Entourage alone cannot perform a mail merge. Word can do so using the Entourage Address Book. Word can then use Entourage to send a series of emails. See the Word Help for the details.

5) Is there a way to incorporate the grammar portion of Word's spelling and grammar checker into Entourage?

There is a way (with Office 2004) - you can use Word to compose your message, then choose 'Send to > Mail Recipient (as HTML)'.

6) Can entourage email do "strikethrough" text? (strike-through or strikeout)

Entourage's formatting abilities are very limited. You can write your message in Word (where strikethrough is easily available), and when you're done, click on File>Send to>Mail Recipient (as HTML). This will transfer your message to Entourage; it won't be editable any longer, nor will you be able to add attachments to it, but the strikethrough is right there in your message and you're free to send it as soon as you've entered a recipient. Note that this method is only available if Entourage is defined as your default e-mail client.