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Using Preview Pane

Toggle the Preview Pane on and off from View->Preview pane. Set your Preview Pane preferences under Mail & News Read tab.

The preview pane allows you to quickly read your mail. You click on a message and it shows in the bottom of the window. Use the space bar to scroll through the message and go to the next one.

New Views for Entourage 2004 & 2008

3 Column | By Subject | Custom | FAQs on Views

3 Column View comes to Entourage starting with Entourage 2004

View>Preview Pane>On right

View by Subject

Create a Custom View

Control click on Arrange by: Select Edit Custom Arrangements and select your choices.

Custom View by Subject

You can also select in the menu bar View->Arrange by-> Edit Custom Arrangements. Select New. Select your choices.

Use small navigation buttons to gain screen space in Entourage 2004

Go to General Preferences -> General tab, and then check "Display small navigation buttons". This is not available for Entourage 2001. Entourage 2008 uses different icons and does not have this option.

Regular Navigation buttons

Small Navigation buttons

Tip: If you control click on the icons you will see choices for each icon.

Address Book





Project Center

Calendar Views:

Resize to view:

Drag size bar at top and sides.