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SMTP Server

The SMTP server is the internet address of the mail server that Entourage should connect to when sending your messages. Like a POP or IMAP server, this address might consist of only letters, letters and numbers, or only numbers, and it typically includes three or four parts that are separated by periods (.).

Your ISP will provide you with this information. You can also use YOUR ISP's SMTP for other accounts like your mac.com account or your work account. This is often required to prevent relaying. Since SMTP is for sending it is not required that it match the POP server that is used for receiving.

Examples of SMTP server addresses might be

  • "smtp.example.com"
  • "smtp.mail.example.com"
  • "".

Other common terms for SMTP server are:

  • outgoing message server
  • sending server
  • SMTP server address.

Note   If you're setting up an MSN Hotmail account, you don't need to enter this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Change Locations
  2. How to configure Entourage to send and receive E-mail while traveling

1) Is there a way to save different configurations so I don't have to re-type the SMTP server information when I change locations?

Get Paul Berkowitz's (free) script "SMTP Location X" at MacScripter.net. It says Entourage vX, but will also work in E2004