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Importing From Another Mail Application

Import older versions when Entourage 2008 fails or does not offer that option:

One good work around is to import using the Apple mail program. Then import into Entourage. Apple seems happy to import fom anywhere including older applications like Outlook Express Classic.

When Entourage "Import" fails, you can manually move your data out of your old application as long as it will open.

Entourage 2008

Search for "Import information from another program." in Entourage Help for additional information.

Entourage 2008 Import Options for Other Applications

Read Switch from Apple Mail to Entourage.

Import Apple Mail manually if Import fails:

  1. Archive a mailbox:
    1. Control Click on Mailbox. Select Archive Mailbox
    2. Save to Desktop
  2. Open the folder. Drag the MBOX file into Entourage's folder window

Entourage 2004

Check the Microsoft Entourage 2004 for Mac "Read Me" for details on how to import from another application. Search for "Import information from another program."

Entourage 2004 Import Options for Other Applications:

Importing Apple Mail.app with Entourage 2004

Pre-Tiger versions of Apple Mail.app can be imported with Entourage's importer. However, starting with Tiger, Apple modified the way Mail stores its email messages. In pre-Tiger versions, Mail stored its messages in standard .mbox files; however, to enable Tiger's Spotlight to search them, Mail now stores its messages individually as .emlx files, which can be found in <your user name>/Library/Mail/<name of the account>/<name of the folder>/Messages.

Entourage 2004 was released roughly a year before Tiger came out consequently, it doesn't take into consideration the changes that were made in Tiger. This explains why the import function does not recognize .emlx files.

To change Tiger Mail.app messages from .emlx to .eml files see these instructions.

Entourage 2001 and Entourage X

Apple mail.app

Read Switch from Apple Mail to Entourage.

  • Double-click the Import from Mail script in the following folder: Microsoft Office X CD/Value Pack/Utilities/Import from Mail.
  • When the script is finished, click OK
  • Now simply start Entourage as usual. Your imported messages are in the Import from Mail folder under On My Computer.

Entourage X users: You must (re-)apply the Office 10.1.2 Updater, and any subsequent updaters (10.1.4, 10.1.5), AFTER installing Import from Mail from the Value Pack on the CD. You only get the updated (new replacement) Import from Mail script if you first install it from the Value Pack, then apply 10.1.2.

You absolutely need the updated script if you are in Jaguar (OS 10.2.x). Apple moved the location of the Mail mailboxes in Jaguar so only the new script can find them.


First thing to try - compact the mailboxes in Eudora. Option-click on the little display box at bottom left of the mailbox listing which shows you how many messages there are in the mailbox. This will compact all the mailboxes, and will offer to rebuild the index of any that are corrupted.

Now re-try the import. If it still gets stuck, locate one of the mailboxes (if you're using Eudora v5.0.1, so they should be in the "~/Documents/Eudora Folder/mail Folder/" folder. Copy the mailbox to a new location (not strictly necessary, but a good safety measure), and change the File Type to "MBOX" [See 'how to change file type at end of this message]. It may also be worth giving the mailbox a new name that will not clash with any existing Entourage folder.

(Note: Understand the tilde (~) character here.)

Next, drag the mailbox file onto Entourage's icon in the dock. The mail should be imported into Entourage as a complete folder full of messages. IIRC they will all be marked as unread incoming messages. How to change File Types

There are several utilities that will let you change the file type on a file, my favored (OS 9) utility is FileTyper. Other swear by SuperGetInfo and others. These make the job simple, but you will have to download and install them (check VersionTracker for urls).

Next best is ResEdit. Fire up ResEdit, and from the file menu, select 'file info' (I think that's right, I'm typing this from memory). That will let you select a file and alter the creator and file type and several other flags.

If ResEdit scares you too much, paste this script into a script editor window and run it after selecting the mailbox file(s) in the finder.

tell application "Finder"
    set theMessages to get selection
    repeat with aMessage in theMessages
          if file type of aMessage is "TEXT" then set file type of aMessage to "MBOX"
       end try
    end repeat
 end tell 


During the import process, when you are asked to select the Netscape Users folder that contains the data you want to import, make sure you select the folder that contains your profile folder (the Netscape Users folder), not the profile folder itself. If you have stored your profile folder in a different location for example, in the user's Documents folder select that folder instead.


Paul Berkowitz's "Export-Import Entourage" script package allows you to export from Yahoo Calendar & Address Book to Microsoft Entourage and vice-versa. You can find more information on his script package here.