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Manually move your Entourage 2004 & 2008 data
To a new version
To a new Entourage Identity (same version)

Entourage Export Options

1) Under File in the Menu Bar...

Entourage 2004 Export options...as text and Entourage archive (.rge) for both contacts, messages, notes, calendar events, tasks, projects.

Entourage 2008 Export options: (same options as 2004)

2) You can drag files out as individual contacts, messages or folders (MBOX), notes, tasks, calendar events.

Export your Contacts:

Option 1) Export your contacts as tab delimited files. File --> Export. (Note: The exported contacts file is a tab-delimited text file that you can modify. Use Excel to modify contents) More info

Option 2) If you have your contacts in Apple's Address Book then you can sync those to Entourage 2008 by enabling Sync Services in Entourage Preferences.

Option 3) Entourage 2004 & 2008 users can also export as Entourage archive (.rge) file. Select Local Contacts. If you want specific contacts assign a category to those contacts and select Items that are in the category.

Option 4) You can also drag contacts from your Address Book to the desktop. This will create an .vcf file. Note there is a Finder limit on dragging files to the desktop of 199 items. More info

Option 5) Other options to share your contacts

Export your Mail:

Note: Exchange and IMAP users need only to create a new Identity and enter the account info to get their mail.

For Mail in folders "On My Computer"

1) Drag out individual messages....not very efficient.

2) The MBOX method. Definition of MBOX See movie on MBOX files

Select an option:

  1. Drag a folder...see steps 2,3,4 for dragging a folder or view movie

  2. Easy way...Use one of the scripts to Export Folders (includes subfolders)

  3. Use Paul Berkowitz's Export-Import scripts.

3) Export as Entourage Archive (.rge).

An Entourage archive (.rge) file: Entourage can export items such as mail messages, tasks, contacts, notes, and calendar events to an Entourage archive (.rge extension).

See this page for exporting as Entourage archive file.

This is an example of what an Entourage archive file looks like when imported. You will need to drag the folders to the correct destination as a root folder under "On My Computer" or as a subfolder of the Inbox. See these options for sorting folders.

4) There are options used by PC users to bring their data over into Entourage, like IMAP accounts and online calendar options. Check out the options on the "Convert Mail from Windows to Mac" Page.

Paul Berkowitz's Export-Import scripts. $20

A collection of over 50 scripts to export and import almost everything - Contacts, Groups, Calendar Events, Tasks, Notes, Messages, Folders, Accounts, Signatures, Mailing Lists and Categories - from one identity of Entourage X or 2004 to any other, to and from Entourage 2001, and to transfer Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes to and from other PIM programs on the Mac and Windows, with special converters for Microsoft OUTLOOK, Excel and other programs.

Export Folders

Entourage has the ability to export a folder full of messages as an industry standard 'UNIX-like' Mailbox format (MBOX file). This is a quick and easy way of archiving mail out of Entourage, either for routine backup or when changing mail programmes.

However, if you have a lot of folders, frequently nested several levels deep, this process becomes a tedious and time consuming one.

Check out these scripts that will do this for you.

Export your Rules, Signatures and Accounts:

You can try dragging over your Rules and Signature files from your Identity folder, but you will have to open each rule and Mailing List Manager rule and reset the destination folder. Making the change from Entourage X to Entourage 2008 is a big step in how Entourage handles your files and stores your info. You might want to create your rules from scratch. There is no way to export your account info. I suggest taking screenshots of your accounts. Screenshots of your Rules would help if moving the file over does not work.

Your Main Identity is located in the Microsoft User Data folder Identities folder inside your User's Document folder:

~/Documents/Microsoft User Data folder/Office 2004/

~/Documents/Microsoft User Data folder/Office 2008/

~ indicates Your User's folder

Import your Data

Import your data from another version or same version into a new Entourage Identity.

(This is not the same as importing an Identity used in the Setup Assistant)

Mail Options:

  1. MBOX files can be dragged or imported into Entourage. This movie will show you how to create an MBOX file and how to import MBOX files using:
    1. Drag and Drop
    2. File | Import
  2. Import Entourage archive (.rge). Drag folders from the imported archive file (see above) to the location you desire in your Entourage folder list. More help
  3. Import Apple Mail manually if Import fails

    1. Archive a mailbox:
      1. Control Click on Mailbox. Select Archive Mailbox
      2. Save to Desktop
    2. Open the folder. Drag the MBOX file into Entourage's folder window

Contacts Options:

  1. File --> Import as a text file, then select file.
  2. Import your Entourage archive file.
  3. Drag in your .vcf files.
  4. Sync with Apple Address Book
    Backups are always advisable when using Sync Services