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Install Office 2008 on Lion

If you are doing a fresh install of Lion or need to re-install Office 2008 on Lion with an origional DVD 12.0.0, follow these directions. If you have Office 2008 v12.1.0 or later there are no special instructions.

  • Quit any applications that are running, including virus-protection applications, all Office applications, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, and Office Notifications, because they might interfere with installation.
    • Easy way: Disable login items. Log out under the Apple in the menu bar. When you log in, hold down the Shift key until startup is complete. This disables all login items including the hidden ones like the Microsoft Database daemon.
  • Install from DVD.
  • Restart! Do not select to update. When the Microsoft Auto Updater (MAU) shows up in the Dock, select "Keep in Dock".
    • Temp folders are created during the install. They should close but sometimes do not. Restarting closes these temp folders.
  • After restart do the Log out/in process then select the MAU in the Dock.
  • You will need to manually download and run this updater for the MAU.
  • Download the 12.1.0 (SP1) updater and install. You did quit all apps first?
  • Restart
  • Again do the Log out/in with Shift key to disable login items. Select the MAU from the Dock and download the 12.3.0 update and install.
  • Restart
  • Remove MAU from the Dock after checking for additional updates.
  • Clean up duplicate fonts.
  • If you have an Exchange account using Exchange 2007 or 2010, update to Entourage EWS. It's a free upgrade. Currently that's version 13.1.0 for v12.3.0 Download v13.1.0.
  • Restart after updating to EWS.

You can verify your install by checking the MicrosoftComponentPlugin.framework. You can find this file in this location:
Application/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/MicrosoftComponentPlugin.framework