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OfficeforMacHelp blog articles for Office 2011

  1. Excel
  2. Outlook
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Word


  1. Account setup
  2. Admin
  3. Attachments
  4. Backup/Archive
  5. Basics
  6. Calendar
  7. Database
  8. Exchange
  9. Fonts
  10. Import
  11. Install/Upgrade
  12. Messages
  13. Misc
  14. Smart Folders
  15. Sync
  16. Scripts
  17. Troubleshoot
  18. Versions/Purchase/License/Activation

Account Setup

  1. Setup & Use Windows Live Hotmail in Outlook & Entourage
  2. Exchange Autodiscover workaround for Advanced Settings

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  1. Add account setups to Outlook for Mac’s auto configuration file
  2. Use Casper to deploy and manage Office for Mac 2011
  3. Exchange setup script updated for Outlook 2011
  4. How can Microsoft make Office for Mac ‘administrator friendly’?

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  1. Create a Service to attach files to a new Outlook for Mac mail message

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  1. Use EagleFiler to archive Outlook & Entourage messages

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  1. Basics: Folders On My Computer
  2. Manage Font List in Outlook for Mac

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  1. Microsoft explains decision to delay calendar sync in Outlook for Mac
  2. New MobileMe Calendar uses CalDAV

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  1. Outlook, Outlook, how does your Database grow?

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  1. Archive your Outlook 2011 Exchange messages using OEAO
  2. Hotmail now supporting Exchange ActiveSync
  3. Fix: Sent time in replies or forwards for Exchange 2007 users
  4. Exchange Mail sent as HTML in Outlook 2011 is received as plain text
  5. Invite additional person to a meeting

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  1. Manage Font List in Outlook for Mac


  1. Do your .pst files need a little magic?

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  1. Trial for Office 2011 now available
  2. Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011
  3. Install Office 2011
  4. FAQs Update Office 2011
  5. Remove Office” is missing in Outlook 2011
  6. Entourage coexists with Office 2011 Home & Student
  7. Office 2011 will install on new 11.6 inch Macbook Air
  8. Office 2011 DVDs purchased from Best Buy fail on older computers
  9. MSDN and TechNet to offer Office for Mac 2011
  10. When an update goes bad
  11. Updating to 10.6.7 with Office for Mac

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  1. Clear the confusion over Date Received and Date Sent
  2. Spell check differs in Outlook

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  1. Create a shortcut to move files in Finder
  2. Using iPhoto ’11 with Outlook 2011
  3. Print to PDF and attach to Outlook for Mac
  4. New features in Outlook-unified inbox
  5. Creating signatures in Outlook 2011

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Smart Folders

  1. Use Smart Folder to view Unread only

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  1. Sync FAQs for Outlook 2011
  2. Calendar syncing in Outlook

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  1. Manage Outlook contacts using AppleScript
  2. Barry’s AppleScripts Page
  3. Microsoft updates AppleScript dictionary for Outlook 2011 SP1
  4. From the Outlook forum: ‘More than 2 week reminders?’

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  1. Outlook crashes & hangs
  2. FAQs Update Office 2011
  3. Use Outlook for Mac’s advanced logging for Exchange troubleshooting
  4. Outlook 2011 will not reply, fwd or create new emails
  5. Keyboard shortcuts disappearing in Outlook for Mac

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  1. Academic version available for Office 2011
  2. Office 2011 to require activation
  3. Office for Mac 2011 pricing

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  1. Convert old Excel (.xls) files to standard (.xlsx) files
  2. Access buried features in Excel with a free toolbar
  3. Excel 2011 defaults to 1900 date system

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  1. Insert Picture for PowerPoint 2011 Add-in now available for purchase
  2. Convert old PowerPoint (.ppt) files to standard (.pptx) files
  3. Embed a PowerPoint presentation into a webpage

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  1. Advanced Find and Replace shortcut for Word 2011
  2. Feature change in Word 2011 prevents printing pictures
  3. Convert old Word (.doc) files to standard (.docx) files
  4. Customize Word 2011 ribbon and enable more features
  5. Free Word 2011 Toolbar

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