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Using Palm with Entourage

'How to sync your Palm with Entourage' ( Entourage 2001, Office X, Office 2004 )

Information and download links for Synchronization

Synchronizing Entourage with Mobile Devices by MVP Mickey Stevens

Duplicates in Palm: According to a source at Palm, the reason for the duplicates may be in how the conduits are set. See the Palm Knowledge Library article "Synchronize with multiple handhelds or with multiple desktop computers" can give some insight. Check the section under the heading "One handheld device, two Macs or PCs (or a combination thereof)".

Palm DST Update: Download this update from Palm.com.

Open Activity Monitor application (it is in the applications folder,
probably under utilities) and see if you have 2 "Database Daemon"
applications running. If so, quit the process of one of them and also
go into your users in system preferences and make sure that only of
these is listed as a login item. If 2 are running the Entourage
Conduit won't open.


Mark/Space Mac Synchronization Products. Handheld and smart phone synchronization software available for the Mac

Syncing Entourage mail to Palm can now be done with the 3rd-party "Mail Courier" available here.

UnDupe...For Palm users. Delete duplicates from the Date Book, Address Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List (or Franklin Task List if you are using Franklin-Covey software) separately.

Palm FAQs

New Palm FAQs for 2004

Customize sync

1a) I have many contacts in Entourage X for whom I have only email information. I don't really want those on the handheld. Is there an option not to write email only contacts from Entourage to the handheld.?

With the new conduit, there are options to sync ONLY a particular category, or to OMIT sync for a particular category. Create a category "Email Only" and make it the primary category for all those contacts in Entourage. Then in the conduit settings you can specify to synch all contacts except those in the "Email Only" category.

1b) Would this make it possible to sync to two different computers? One for personal items, and the other for work related items?

The problem with that is that the contacts on both computers will be merged.

Even if the categories were non-overlapping on the two systems? For example, on one system sync only the category Personal, and on the other only sync contacts that are not in the category Personal?

Yes, the category-specific sync tells the conduit which entourage records to copy to the palm, it doesn't have the same effect on which palm records are copied to Entourage.

2) I can not sync. I keep getting an error saying synchronization failed.

Do you have multiple copies of Office installed? This can cause sync to fail. Make sure your main identity name in Entourage corresponds with the Palm. Also it's important to quit Office Notifications.

To quit: Turn off Office Notifications in Entourage Menu

For troubleshooting tips see User Sync tips

3) After installing the Palm conduit for Entourage X, Entourage doesn't recognize my autofil list.

This seems to be an issue some people are having. Run this script from Script Editor (you don't need to save it - you'll just have to run it once).

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    set theContacts to (every contact)
    repeat with theContact in theContacts
       open theContact
       close window 1
    end repeat
    beep 2
    display dialog "All done" buttons {"OK"} default button 1 with icon 1 giving up after 3600
 end tell 

4) Are Notes in Entourage synced up as Memos on the Palm?

Yes, they are.

5) Entourage crashes when synchronizing the Contact list between itself and the Palm.

It seems that crashing may occur if non-number characters (such as "<", "@", or ">") are in phone number fields for any contacts. Look for those and, if you find any, remove the bad characters from your contacts.

For troubleshooting tips see User Sync tips

6) I installed the new conduit and now I can't synchronize at all with my Palm m125. The old one I had from July worked for me. Now nothing works.

Go to:

~"Home"/Documents/Palm/Users/Your Name/Entourage/Entourage Storage

and remove (trash) the Entourage Storage file in that location. That will force a clean slow sync. Go to the Hot Sync manager and choose the appropriate sync preferences (either "Synchronization", "Entourage Overwrites Handheld", etc. depending on what you want.)

For troubleshooting tips see User Sync tips

7) Everything is synchronizing correctly between my Palm and Entourage except the calendar. What's wrong?

The problem could be because you are using recurring events in Entourage with no end date. Check out this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information:


8) This new Entourage user successfully performed an Entourage-to-handheld HotSync on Friday, and then, after a weekend of handheld use, did another HotSync, assuming that the Entourage files on my computer would merely be updated with the new activity on the handheld. New information reached the computer, but everything else was doubled as well -- in other words, each contact, note, task, and appointment is now listed twice!

Is there an easy way to configure the software so that each device reflects the most current activity -- without introducing the massive redundancy?

No, synchronize does what he expects it should. This duplication is a bug. Have you applied all the updates and made sure you are using the most up-to-date conduits? Check that first.

Now, as to the problem, if everything is duplicated, the best would be to go to list view for events, memo, contacts, and to-dos and delete the duplicates. Also make sure you have no duplicate categories - if you do, the best is to delete all of the duplicates in Entourage (don't worry if you are using them, you will fix them later).

No, do a sync with the conduit set to Entourage overwrites handheld. That should give you one set of entries on both systems. Set the conduits to synchronize. Next, make a copy of your identity (I usually copy to the desktop) in case there are further problems.

Now test by updating a few records on both the palm and Entourage (not the same record on both, of course), and synchronize again. You should see a proper updating at this point.

Next, check the categories. Remember, if you want to use a category on the Palm, you must define it there. Entourage will pick it up on the next sync. Categories you define in Entourage will not be transmitted to the Palm.

If you are having problems with duplicate categories in Entourage, you may need to delete all the categories in Entourage and sync. Then use the new categories transferred from the Palm to assign categories.

-- Answer provided by Eric Hildum, Entourage Talk member

9) 16399 and 268452867 errors while syncing Palm

I seemed to have solved the problem by removing my Vindigo conduit from the active conduit folder, and sync now works. It seems to be a problem with Vindigo for me.

10) What happened to the "Sync this Contact..." checkbox for contacts that was in Entourage 2001?

This feature was deliberately removed from Entourage X. The way to return to synchronizing select contacts is to create a "Do not synchronize" category, and assign it to records you do not want to synchronize. You can then filter this category from the synchronization.

11) Has anyone had any problems importing calendar from Palm version 4.0 into Entourage version X? Have followed each step dozens of times-but the import will not complete. Any advice?

Entourage won't import from Palm Desktop 4. The workaround is to install the handheld sync conduit and then sync your Palm device with Entourage. That will import everything.