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Vacation rule..."out of office"

Set up a rule with a Reply action (like below) and put your text into the box that will be put up on the screen.

But please make sure your reply does not get sent to any mailing lists as a mail loop can result and make you very unpopular!

Here is an example:

Note: This rule will not work unless you have set up a schedule to send and receive mail continuously, you have your computer on while your away, and you keep your internet connection active. You need to go to Tools -> Schedules and set your Send and Receive All schedule to work in regular intervals you choose, then click Close under dial-up options. Entourage must, as well, stay open while you are gone. If you can't or won't meet these requirements, an automatic reply at the server-level might be better. Contact your ISP/organization to see if they offer such an option (check Mail Options or Mail Preferences under the Webmail feature). In this case, however, you'll need to temporarily unsubscribe from mailing lists while you are away.

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