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Junk Mail where "From is Me"

There are several option to try to deal with this "new" type of spam.

1. One way to trap mail that is not from you, is to look for the User-Agent as Microsoft Entourage.

Personally, I like this as I haven't found a spammer that uses Entourage to send spam.

2. Create a rule that says if the 'from' field contains my email address, _and_ the 'from' field _doesn't_ contain my name, mark it as junk.

3. Set up a rule that runs an AppleScript if "From is Me":

Download Script here

Since "From is Me" matches the e-mail address of the sender, which is spoofed as me, this rule fires only when incoming mail is from one of my addresses, which means it has minimal impact on valid mail. If the display name of the sender isn't also me (which occurs when I send myself mail for some reason), the message gets marked as junk, marked as read, and moved to the Junk E-mail folder. --Allen Watson

4. Rather than rely on the display name (which can also be forged), in some of my accounts I add an extra 'x-barry' header which says "Yes, it's me!".

Create xHeader:

Note: the 'header' portion must not contain spaces or non-ascii characters.
The 'value' entry can contain spaces or non-ascii characters.

Then use the mail rule to check for the presence of that header.-- Barry Wainwright