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Copying Scripts to use in Entourage

Often scripts are posted in messages on mailing lists and newsgroups. To use these scripts you need to copy them into the Script Editor to compile them. The Script Editor can be found here:

OS 9: Applications> Apple Extras> AppleScript

OS X: Mac OS X/Applications/AppleScript/Script Editor.app

If the person who sent in the script sent it in HTML, you should see the script compile into formatted text without problem. If it was sent in plain text, you have to remove carriage returns where you see split lines, which can be tricky.

Copy and paste the script into the Script Editor.

Click the "Check Syntax" button in Script Editor.

If it compiles OK, do a Save, and save it as a Compiled Script (the default - don't change the popup in the Save dialog, nor check any of the check boxes there).

Give it a name. You can save it directly into your Entourage Script Menu Items folder.

In OS X, that's located here:

~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items

Note: Understand the tilde (~) character here.

In OS 8/9, it's here:

<Startup Disk>::Documents:Microsoft User Data:Entourage Script Menu Items

Here's a script you can copy. ....

This script will permanently delete a message. This is great for spam messages.

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
   set theMsgs to (current messages) -- selected messages
   repeat with theMsg in theMsgs
      delete theMsg -- puts in Deleted Items folder
      try -- in case theMsg already in Deleted items
         delete theMsg -- deletes completely
      end try
   end repeat
end tell

Now, back in Entourage, check the script menu. You'll see the name you gave the script appear as a menu item. Selecting the menu item runs the script, as does pressing a keyboard shortcut if you added one.