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Script to Create Structured PDF from Entourage

Download Create Structured PDF from Entourage 412 KB

Author: "John C. Welch"

The script takes the contents of a selected message or messages in Entourage, creates a temp file with the appropriate content, (text or HTML), then opens that temp file in Acrobat.


Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro, (Standard SHOULD work, but I've not tested it, and you're going to have to modify the script)


Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro for Mac OS X

Entourage 2004, latest version. (that means "with all the updates applied". I'm not going to even try to deal with different versions of Entourage)

Acrobat 6 notes. This may work with Acrobat 6. It may not.

This is designed to fill a hole in Acrobat's Office integration, namely the ability to create structured PDFs from Entourage Email messages.