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Script Help

  1. Where to find Scripts
  2. AppleScript Resources
  3. Report Problems with Scripts
  4. Find Entourage/Outlook Script Folder
  5. Using AppleScripts
  6. Add Keyboard Shortcuts to Scripts
  7. Copying Scripts
  8. Some Favorite Scripts
Note: Outlook 2011 has limited scripting at this time. We expect 14.0.2 (SP1) to include an improved script library.

You can find AppleScripts at the following locations. (Most scripts are free.)

This site

Script Builders at Macscripter.net (under construction)

Paul Berkowitz's AppleScripts

Allen Watson's AppleScripts

Barry Wainwright's AppleScripts (has Outlook 2011 scripts)

Report Problems with Scripts

If you are having problems with a downloaded script (rendering the script inoperable or a constant error message on launch, for example), please contact the script's author directly for assistance and follow-up. Most script authors provide a link for e-mail contact; otherwise, most scripts found on macscripter.net have a link for the author's e-mail and website. Be considerate! Authors donate their scripts for free and do not always have time to offer free support.

Finding the Entourage/Outlook Script Folder

The Script Menu Items folder is located in the Microsoft User Data Folder.

Outlook 2011: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Outlook Script Menu Items

Entourage X, 2004 & 2008: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items


Using AppleScripts in Entourage

Using AppleScripts with Entourage

Favorite Scripts to use with Entourage Part 2

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