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Private Consulting Services

You can contact me for an estimate and discuss your problem. Fees start at $35. I can do the work for you, or personally direct you in the recovery process. Please do not use this link if you are expecting free support**.

To contact me for personal support,

I use DropBox to share files. DropBox is free up to 2 GB. If you have access to a server, you can send me the link to download. The largest one I have done using this method was a little over 11 GB. Some users have selected to use a pocket drive to mail me their large files.

How to use DropBox

Information to include in your email

1) Please summarize your problem. See How to Report a Problem for details.

2) If you are sending an email as an example, please use "Forward as Attachment"

3) Screen shots are often helpful in explaining your problem. See Example of screenshot.

How to take a screen shot:

4) If you need to show your folder structure, expand your folders to show your setup like this:

5) Include your phone number and a good time to call, if you would like to phone conference about your problem. I'm on Pacific time and I'm not available until after11 AM Pacific time. Late hours are OK.