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How to Report a Problem

Before you report a problem, first make sure you are updated. Many problems are solved by simply updating. Restart your Mac. This often fixes many problems. Running Repair Permissions is another standard tool used to repair problems. Look in Help or search this site for answers. If you still can't find the answer then ask on the Office for Mac Forums or the YouTalk mailing list.

For best results:

  1. Create a subject that defines your problem. Subjects like "help" and "newbie" can be overlooked. Many users will scan the list for subjects where they might be able to help out and will overlook your problem. It's OK to add "I'm a newbie" in the message, but it's not necessary for the subject. If it's a long subject, make sure the important words come first. Entourage truncates long subjects in the list and the key word won't be seen.
  2. Identify the version of Entourage or Outlook that you are using. Often there are different solutions for different versions. Check under About Entourage or About Outlook in the Menu bar for version info.
  3. Identify the version of the OS that you are using. For OS X it's under the Blue Apple in the menu bar....About this Mac
  4. For Send & Receive problems, identify the type of account. Is it a POP, IMAP, Exchange or a web based account? Don't know? See these links: Entourage | Outlook
  5. Give as much detail about your problem and what you have done so far to troubleshoot. Just saying that I have tried all the suggestions on the list doesn't mean very much. Saying "it just doesn't work" isn't helpful either. Give details!
  6. Include a screenshot link using a service like ImageShack, Flickr, PhotoBucket. You cannot post images directly on the Microsoft forums.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help find a speedy solution to your problem.