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Sync-Services and iCal FAQs

  1. Lost my iCal Home and Work calendars
  2. No data in Entourage iCal
  3. Import iCal events into Entourage Calendar
  4. Sync-Services and iCal calendars
  5. Entourage calendar in iCal missing or deleted
  6. Bypass iCal and Address Book
  7. Calendar sync reports a time zone error
  8. Duplicates and missing data
  9. Delete all Entourage calendar events to start over
  10. Sync Service Crash syncing to iCal
  11. Transfer all calendar events from iCal to Entourage

1) I lost my Home and Work calendars in iCal?

This issue has been discussed on an Apple forum.

Deleting these files should restore your default iCal calendars:




and contents of

~/library/application support/iCal

Note in Leopard, iCal info has been moved to the Calendar folder outside of Application Support.

~/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache

2) My Entourage calendar is showing in iCal, but the data does not show up.

Try toggling "Week" and "Month" buttons in iCal.

3) Is there a way to bring iCal calendar and events to Entourage Calendar? I noticed iCal has a calendar called Entourage with the events. Is there a way to make it the other way around using Sync Services iCal to Entourage?

Even though Entourage supports multiple calendars and numerous categories, iCal only supports multiple calendars and does not understand categories. Because of this limitation, Entourage cannot sync categories with iCal and will sync the default calendar to a calendar called "Entourage" in iCal. In order for your iCal entries to show up in Entourage, they have to be in the "Entourage" calendar in iCal. Try assigning one of your entries in iCal to it, and you should see it show up in Entourage as well. See FAQ #4 below for more info.

4) Does Sync-Services only work with the Entourage Calendar?

As mentioned previously in FAQ #3, Entourage supports multiple calendars and multiple categories. iCal only supports multiple calendars and has no equivalent for categories at this point. Entourage only syncs *one* calendar and matches it one-to-one to a calendar in iCal (called Entourage). In order to see events created in iCal in Entourage, you'll have to assign these iCal events to the "Entourage" calendar that shows up in iCal itself.

5) I managed to delete the Entourage calendar in iCal, now how do I get it back?

I assume from your report, that you deleted the "Entourage" calendar in iCal *after* disabling calendar syncing in Entourage? Otherwise, deleting the "Entourage" calendar in iCal would have caused all the events in the calendar you're syncing to in Entourage to be deleted.

If that's correct, then the fact that you're seeing the Entourage items sync back to iCal after re-enabling calendar syncing implies that a new "Entourage" calendar has actually been created in iCal, as it should be (it's just not visible). I believe what you're seeing is an iCal bug that has been reported where some or all calendars don't show up in the Calendars list. The following steps (which reset iCal) should fix the problem:

  1. Disable calendar syncing in Entourage
  2. Quit Entourage
  3. Quit iCal
  4. Delete:
  5. ~/library/preferences/com.apple.iCal.AlarmScheduler.plist
  6. Next delete the contents of
  7. ~/library/application support/iCal
    ~/Library/Calendars/ (Leopard)
  8. Relaunch iCal
  9. Relaunch Entourage
  10. Enable calendar syncing in Entourage

6) I don't use Address Book and iCal though, is there anyway to bypass this?

You don't have to use Address Book or iCal--it just appears in iSync as if they're coming from Address Book or iCal when they're indeed coming from the Sync Services database.

More info on Sync Services database

7) If I turn on iCal sync on Entourage, and choose to Replace iCal, it will give me an error related to Time Zone. My time zones are the same at OSX and Entourage)

In the iCal preferences, make sure the "Use time zones" option is enabled.

8) Duplicates and missing data.

Removing or modifying anything in the Sync-Services folder in Mac OS X 10.4 or in subfolders within may cause unexpected issues. This folder is located in your Application Support folder, in your Library folder, in your Home folder. See Apple KB for more info.

Deleting or modifying things in the Sync-Services folder may cause unexpected results such as:

Duplicate contacts in Address Book or appointments in iCal.

Data loss in Address Book or iCal.

If you assign a category to every event, even if it's a generic category like "current", when you get duplicates, sort by the category "none" and delete those entries. All duplicates will have the "none " category assigned.

See this page for scripts to help deal with duplicates.

9) I have only one calendar in Entourage (it's labeled "On my computer"). I've accidentally imported my iCal calendar into it twice, so now I have two instances of every event. How can I delete this calendar so I can start over?

You can't delete the calendar, but you can delete every event easily enough.

Hit cmd-opt-F when in calendar view, to bring up the 'advanced find' window. Do s find for events whose subject contains "a" OR subject does not contain "a" - this will find every event (there may be a custom view already created called 'all events', which you could use instead).

Select an event, then do a 'select all' and hit the delete key.

All events will be deleted.

10) Sync Service Crash syncing to iCal

This is an odd solution reported by a user: I went through my Entourage Events and found an event with no name. I deleted this blank event and the sync took off and everything came over.

11) I am looking for a way to transfer all my calendar events from iCal to Entourage.

In Entourage prefs, go to Sync Services and turn on syncing between Entourage and iCal. Entourage will automatically create a calendar in iCal named 'Entourage', but without the quotes.

  1. Turn off Sync Services in Entourage.
  2. Select all your events in the iCal calendars and move them to the "Entourage" calendar in iCal. for help moving see:
  3. Now turn on Sync Services in Entourage and choose to replace all the Entourage with iCal events, unless you want to keep existing Entourage events. If you do, choose merge instead. However if you do, the existing Entourage events will appear in the 'Entourage" iCal calendar.

Read Sync Alerts Carefully!! You could end up erasing data!